The Escape

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  • Sister Ann: But MacGyver, how? MacGyver: Oh, I don't know… Call it a small miracle.

  • Buyer: Some of these weapons are quite old—antiques. Brian: They still kill people, and I presume that's what you want.

  • Sara: Nothing personal. MacGyver: Everything's personal.

  • MacGyver: I get it. And he's not your brother, and he's not a medical missionary. And I've got egg all over my face. Brian: Blind faith tends to do that to people, now doesn't it?

  • MacGyver: It sounds like you think I'm gonna make it. François: I have my doubts… but some men aren't designed to be caged.

  • MacGyver: I must admit, you're not quite what I expected in a medical missionary. Brian: Oh, well, never be taken in by surface appearances. Actually I raised a little hell before I came to believe in heaven.

  • Kahn: I could have Fuad ask you. MacGyver: Yeah, you sure could. But it'd be kinda tough for me to fix up your PCP lab if I was dead. Kahn: I think we have an understanding, MacGyver.

  • MacGyver: It just might work. You want to come along? François: Yes . . . but no. I have been here five years, mon ami, for the crime of not bribing a judge. I have a wife, five children and six more months to go.

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Trivia (1)

  • When MacGyver finds Brian's car he reaches in the window to take the keys. When Sara comes back for the car the windows are up.