The Golden Triangle

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  • 8.0

    Macgyver is sent to Burman to locate a deadly toxin that kills all life. He runs into a slavery culture in Burma using people to crop Opium.

    By marvelfan89, Aug 22, 2009

    Decent episode. I like these type of episode located in a real area with believable stories. There's more of an emphasis on the story.

    This was before MacGyver joined up with the Phoenix Foundation. He was essentially a freelancer for the government. The opening Gambit written by Terry Nation has nothing to do with the rest of the episodes but this was the style of the first season. The Gambit is nonetheless entertaining although MacGyver's accomplishment of the mission is totally ridiculous.

    MacGyver arrives in Burma undercover but is spotted after he helps a village boy out. The warlord of the village thinks MacGyver is a narcotics agent and sends MacGyver to be killed.

    The young boy comes back to help MacGyver escape. MacGyver tries to get the people to fight back against their oppressors.

    They are unsure of whether they can do it. MacGyver must decide how involved he wants to get.

    There's a nice moment basically the turning point of the episode where MacGyver has already complete his mission which is the retrieval of the toxin.

    MacGyver can basically go home and not care about these people and their struggles. However, the helicopter leaves, and you see Mac standing there.

    This episode has an all Asian cast including Keye Luke and the beautiful Joan Chen. Joan Chen is a great underrated actress doesn't quite get any media attention at all, so I am gonna mention it here.

    She does nice work as the boy's sister. This is a realistic MacGyver episode once you get past that Gambit scenes. I enjoyed it.moreless

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  • 9.3

    A great followup to the Pilot.

    By mark_28, Apr 26, 2007

    As an eight-year-old boy watching MacGyver back in 1985, "The Golden Triangle" stood up as my favorite episode of the first season. I still have a soft spot for it and feel it was an excellent and ambitious sophomore outing for a series that desperately needed to find an audience--and quickly--in its kamikaze Sunday time slot against three top-20 shows. In retrospect, the episode had significant flaws in both plot and acting, but it's still fun and cleverly crafted, raising the bar of action-adventure content on television with its imaginative escapes, stellar production values, and non-stop action. Unfortunately, the acting was almost universally abysmal and the villains were so cartoonishly stupid throughout the hour that it sort of undermined MacGyver's craftiness and the Swiss Family Robinson-style barricades he laid out for them. Still a great episode, but it doesn't hold up as well as many others do 20 years later.moreless

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  • 8.5

    Pretty good example of MacGyver.

    By Fwirrel, Apr 24, 2007

    Overall, this episode is not that bad. The plot is good and MacGyver is awsome as always. However, the bad guys were just annoying. They could not shoot a gun to save their life. In the opening story, they were horrendous shots. In the rest of the episode the slavers were terrible also. No wonder it's so easy to defeat the enemies...Anyways, other than that, the episode was good. MacGyver went to retreive some dangerous thing and got caught up in the local slaves and helped them gain their freedom from a evil general. Overall, good episode, but could've been a lot better.moreless

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  • 9.5

    An example of what MacGyver can do!

    By MacGyvrGenius, Jul 31, 2006

    I can never get tired of this episode and I love it every time! This episode shows what a great trap builder he is and the tactics he uses. In this one MacGyver shows us how to make distractions with flares and rafts, trick a military know it all into a deep hole, fire mulitple guns aiming at the tires triggered by a log, make a spread out gas attack, and how to take down a helicopter!

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  • 7.5

    Not the best episode of the first season, but it is still good.

    By Capncrunch78, May 14, 2006

    Originally airing on October 6, 1985, \"The Golden Triangle\" was a decent episode. Certinaly not one of my favorites, but it isnt bad by any means. This episode still has alot of character development points. It shows more of his, thinking under pressure, and assisting nature. Also, it is not clear yet, at this point in the series anyways, if MacGyver works for the Phoenix Foundation yet or not. This episode does have some slower parts to it, but it was still typical early Macgyver (i.e. pre-community service episodes, not to say that those were bad episodes, i just cared for the earlier episodes better.)moreless

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