The Invisible Killer

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  • 9.2

    good episode...

    By Fwirrel, Aug 28, 2008

    I love the story of this episode. MacGyver is taking a group of strangers on a outdoor adventure and two of them happen to be escape convicts posing...creepy. I loved the twist that there were two convicts instead of one, which everyone assumed. I thought the whole thing between MacGyver and the female ranger was pointless. MacGyver could have done it alone; why does there always have to be a lady? Anyways, I loved the characters and how they were developed. Pete didn't have much air time, thank goodness, because this is the type of episode where he could get really annoying. Overall, great story and great guest characters. Classic who-done-it.moreless

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  • 9.5


    By sh811a, Mar 03, 2008

    This episode is a simple who dunnit mystery almost but it's done well and right and under Dana Esclar's fine direction.

    It is true that may'be there might be an inconsistancy or two in this episode like why Mac never thought about asking all of them to show their Phinix Foundation IDs or even asked a little more about what each of them do. But oh well that flaw can be overlooked easily so no big problem.

    This episode is a build up exersise in suspense, from the setting which is a bit unsettling when you thing about it the forest is a beautiful but isolating place where there's not much help from miles around. And I like how the suspense is amped up at times from that bridge scene, when we hear about a second excaped killers to raise the stakes more, down to the final confect with both Mac against the two killers both of course have guns and as usual he doesn't, but little do the killers know that in the forest Macgyver is king. Good stuff.moreless

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  • 9.8

    Another classic episode with the most engaging thoroughly layered mystery that MacGyver ever produced.

    By mark_28, May 04, 2007

    Man, was this series on a roll in the spring of 1989. I have never seen the film "Shoot to Kill", which this episode is said to be at least nominally derivative of, but I find it hard to imagine that it could be any better than this truly astounding mystery, which handily bests any mystery-themed episode ever produced for the "CSI" franchise in its tightly-layered narrative cohesion. Again, the threat level and intensity, which has been drastically stepped up overall in season four, is admirably high throughout this episode, with the depth of the mystery already taking shape in first few minutes when the campers/Phoenix operatives are introduced to one another. Between vertigo-inducing walks across suspension bridges, poisonberry-laced coffee, and the relentless paranoid glances between characters, this episode is a masterpiece of direction in the capable hands of underutilized director Dana Elcar. And right when the viewer believes they have everything figured out, up comes the shocking revelation that there is a second killer. The closing scenes in the watch tower were on par with the brilliant execution of the mystery that played out most of the hour. This is truly an episode that cannot be viewed enough times and manages to improve with age. And thankfully, audiences were once again around to enjoy the ride, giving MacGyver a season-high 15.5 rating (its largest audience since March 1987), helping him finish 23rd for the week, nipping on the heels of NBC's "ALF" and "The Hogan Family" for first place in the slot and walking all over CBS's new comedies "Live-In" and "Heartland".moreless

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  • 8.2

    Who is it?..

    By neon2farmer, Nov 18, 2006

    i think this was a very good episode of Magyver and one of the best in season 4. i could'nt believe how much i liked this episode, i don't know why i like it but i just did. i guess is was the drama of how someone with MacGyver was a convict and it was hard to tell until the very end. the person that we expected it to be sudennly got killed and it turns out that the one we least expect it to be was the convict, in fact to of them were convicts. i think that this episode is very well written and portrayed.later.moreless

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