The Outsiders

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    People can work together no matter their religion!

    By carnival19, Oct 27, 2007

    This fine written and acted episode just shows how well people can help each other no matter what their beliefs are. On one side you have the Amish who want to keep their land on the other an american construction company that has to built an highway on their land. When the girl of the construction company boss falls in the well, it's now time for both people to help each other (no matter what religion they are) and get the little girl out of there. They do get her out with the strenght of numbers. What was great is that the little Amish boy is best fried with the american girl, for them they are the same, they don't care if their friend is practicing another religion, they are FRIENDS. It shows that kids are not born racists, they are taught to be...moreless

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    Other World

    By sh811a, Jul 27, 2006

    It's Macgyver doing "Witness" as he visits the Amish country for a while. It's another episode where there are no real bad guys to fight. The theme is about overcoming prejudice and understanding one another.

    We see the viewpoints of both factions. From the Amish that want to preserve their traditional values to the construction company that needs the work and is slightly desperate. Macgyver is the mediator figure in the predicament. And it's great when we see both factions work together to save the Construction Company Boss's daughtermoreless

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