The Survivors

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Quotes (8)

  • Pete: You've got one more party of one, and then you get your rotation off the assignment. MacGyver: One. Must be someone pretty important. Pete: Yeah, it is. MacGyver: Yeah, who? Pete: Me.

  • Pete: You want some stew? Made it myself. Well, out of a can.

  • MacGyver: You're not worried about this, are you? Pete: Worried? Listen, what's to worry. I've just got to face it. Either I make it or I don't. MacGyver: You're worried. Pete: Yeah.

  • Pete: Has it really come to this? Middle age, fallen arches, blisters, and now acute humiliation.

  • MacGyver: I say we check out their camp. We can be there in a quick two-hour hike. Pete: You know, I would think out of respect for an older man, and your superior, you would have the common decency to be a little bit winded!

  • MacGyver: Pete, you okay? Pete: Yeah. MacGyver: Kind of a tough land. Pete: Oh. Lucky I've got the padding for that, eh? So, what's next on the list of tortures? MacGyver: Well, I call it an obstacle course. Some of the others call it MacGyver-land. Pete: MacGyver-land?

  • Pete: You know, I lost six pounds out there? I may start dating again.

  • Pete: Well, the brain is the last thing to go. MacGyver: Yeah, what's the first? Pete: Uh, can't remember.

Notes (4)

  • This is the first of Gerry Bean's four, unrelated appearances on MacGyver. He can also be seen in season five's "Legend of the Holy Rose" and in season six's "Tough Boys" and "Trail of Tears".

  • This is the first of Dale Wilson's four, unrelated appearances on MacGyver. He can also be seen in season five's "Jenny's Chance", and season six's "Tough Boys", and season six's "MacGyver's Women".

  • MacGyver developing camera film using juice and ammonia was proven as doable in the Mythbusters episode "MacGyver Special".

  • The German episode title is "√úberlebenstraining", meaning "Survival Training". The French episode title is "Op√©ration survie", meaning "Survival Operation". The Italian episode title is "Corso di sopravvivenza", meaning "Survival Course".