Thin Ice

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  • MacGyver: Like most kids growin' up in Minnesota, I could skate before I could walk. So when my old coach sent a call for help, I jumped at the chance to come home and coach his team through the state championship playoffs.

  • MacGyver: You ready for this? Donner: Don't worry. Somebody's always got battery cables in case I need a jump start.

  • Derek: It's all I can do, MacGyver. Hockey's in my blood. MacGyver: I understand that. Just take the blood out of your hockey.

  • MacGyver: There always seems to be a way to fix things.

  • Walt Kirby: That boy has a gift. God-given talent, MacGyver, that could earn him a good living. And he's throwin' it away. I mean, you're worried about one game; I'm worried about the rest of my son's life. MacGyver: The rest of your son's life starts with tonight's game.

  • MacGyver: You know, when something's broken, the easiest thing to do is just throw it away, forget about it. But if you just step back, take a look at what you got, sometimes you find a totally different way of making it work.

  • MacGyver: My injuries were bad enough that I convinced myself that it just wasn't worth it, and I quit. And now every time I lace up my skates and go out on that ice, I've gotta wonder whether I could've made it or not. And you know something, Derek? I'll never find out.

  • Derek: Look, MacGyver, you don't have a clue how I feel. MacGyver: I know how you're gonna feel about 10 or 15 years down the line. Derek: What is this, another pep talk? MacGyver: Trust me, it's no pep talk.

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Notes (3)

  • In the end credits, the University of British Columbia's Junior Varsity Hockey Team are acknowledged for their help.

  • Though credited, Dana Elcar does not appear in this episode.

  • The German episode title is "Riskantes Spiel", meaning "Risky Game". The French episode title is "Terrain glissant", meaning "Slippery Ground". The Italian episode title is "Gioco duro", meaning "Rough Play".