Three For the Road

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    MacGyver meets Devon Miles! It's a shame Knight Rider got canceled on NBC, but at least Devon Miles gets to team up with ABC's MacGyver! MacGyver practically ripped up The 1959 Classic car of The old couple's to stop those goons from The mob from getting

    By Retrotv, Apr 25, 2006

    I liked this episode, it was nice to see MacGyver and Devon Miles working together although he played a different character, too bad MacGyver nearly tore the old 1959 Classic car apart, but he had to do anything to keep those goons from coming after him and The old couple as all those guys were really after was the counterfeit money that was accidentally thrown in The old couple's car, I would have really liked to have seen Michael, KITT, Bonnie and RC3 along with Devon in this same episode teaming with MacGyver! or even more action with Hardcastle And McCormick!moreless

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