Trail to Doomsday

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    MacGyver: Trail To Doomsday, was the last in the MacGyver series. Trail To Doomsday is not a part of the regular TV series, and like MacGyver: Lost Treasure Of Atlantis, MacGyver used everytything and anything like he did in the origional TV series. Thi

    By DoctorWho44, Apr 22, 2011

    is very cool for many reasons. For one, MacGyver can fix anything and everything. MacGyver uses his wits and destroys the nuclear terriosts plans. MacGyver is seen at the end talking to his friend. MacGyver wins agian. MacGyver talks about his friend's death at the end of the movie. He wonders if he could have done things differently had he arrived in England earlier. With the bad guys in jail, it is time to say goodbye to MacGyver. At the end of the movie, MacGyver says that he was glad to help in England. All is well and MacGyver is seen standing at the end of the movie, having won and capturing the bad guys.moreless

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