Trail to Doomsday

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Quotes (7)

  • Paul: So, you like the car I had waiting for you? MacGyver: Well, it's, uh, red, but very nice, thanks. Paul: Well, at least you didn't roll it this time. MacGyver: It's early.

  • Paul: MacGyver and I spent the 70s brainstorming solutions to save the world. Natalia: What a shame they didn't work. MacGyver: We're still trying.

  • MacGyver: (to Natalia) All right, look, you move like a cat, you handle a gun like a pro, and you've got a poison cartridge pen in your purse. Is there anything you want to tell me about your 'unique qualifications'?

  • Tony: If you don't wear a wire, we'll have no way of knowing if anything goes wrong. MacGyver: I don't like wires. If something does go wrong, they're impossible to explain.

  • Natalia: You are very stubborn. MacGyver: Really? Natalia: It's part of your charm.

  • Natalia: You don't understand; you could never understand. No one's ever stolen your government, discarded your beliefs, left your people without dignity, with nothing.

  • Elise: My father cared so much for this planet. He just wanted to do some good. MacGyver: He did. The world's a safer place because of Paul. Elise: Maybe. But my father—your friend—he's gone. MacGyver: Then I guess it's up to us.

Notes (2)

  • The German title is "Endstation Hölle", meaning "Last Stop: Hell". The French title is "Le chemin de l'enfer", meaning "The Path to Hell". The Italian title is "Il giorno del giudizio", meaning "Judgment Day".

  • This is the second of the two MacGyver television movies, and it is not part of the television series. It runs 1:32 without commercials.