Twice Stung

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Quotes (6)

  • MacGyver: I don't care what anybody says, Birthdays are important. So when a good friend's turning sixty and I'm returning from another government mission, there isn't a much faster way to get home than to catch a ride on a T-38 Ace Flight. It's a good thing they didn't serve a meal on this flight 'cause my heart was already in my mouth.

  • MacGyver: Kelly, you could've come to me or Pete. Kelly: I don't like going to people with my problems. MacGyver: You don't go to people with your problems. You come to your friends. Kelly: Well, you don't always remember that.

  • Joanne: Hi, Joanne Remmings. MacGyver: MacGyver. Joanne: Oh, I heard about you! You're the guy that does the whatcha-ma-call-its, you know MacGyverisms, turns one thing into another. MacGyver: MacGyverisms?

  • MacGyver: Little dirt never hurt anybody.

  • Joanne: What're we gonna do? MacGyver: Give me a couple of bobby pins. Joanne: Bobby pins? Sure. MacGyver: Yeah. Great. Let me borrow this, and, uh, a couple of buttons. Make it three. Joanne: Another MacGyverism! Oh... MacGyver: And let me borrow your glasses, please. Joanne: They're yours. MacGyver: Yeah, thanks. Joanne: So what do we do now? MacGyver: (letting down her hair, opening up her blouse) You just did it.

  • Pete: Mac, help me pick up this money, will ya? I wanna get it back to the Foundation vault. Kelly: You mean all this money is real? But you said it was fake. MacGyver: I didn't want you to get nervous. Pete: Are you telling me you let this man carry around three hundred thousand dollars in cash and he thought it was fake money? MacGyver: I didn't want to affect his performance.

Notes (2)

  • There are various references to cons such as found in the movie The Sting. Dana Elcar played FBI Agent Polk in the movie.

  • The German episode title is "Der betrogene Betrüger", meaning "The Swindled Swindler". The Finnish episode title is "Tuplakupla", meaning "Double-Bubble". The Italian episode title is "Giocato due volte", meaning "Twice Played".

Trivia (1)

  • When Kelly gets shot, some blood is in the center of his chest as the shot fades for commercial break. When the scene fades back from break, he has a lot more blood on his chest.

Allusions (1)

  • The ending, with the team driving away in a van after a successful con while the camera does a 360° lateral rotation, references the ending of many episodes of Mission: Impossible which ended in the same manner.