Macross 7

(ended 1998)
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  • S 3 : Ep 4

    Zola: The Planet Where The Whales Sing

    Aired 8/25/98

  • S 3 : Ep 3


    Aired 5/25/98

  • S 3 : Ep 2


    Aired 2/25/98

  • S 3 : Ep 1


    Aired 12/18/97

  • S 2 : Ep 3

    Which One Do You Love?

    Aired 12/18/95

  • Cast & Crew
  • Takehito Koyasu

    Gamlin Kizaki

  • Kenichi Suzumura


  • Hiroki Takahashi


  • Sho Hayami

    Maximillian Jenius

  • Nobutoshi Canna

    Basara Nekki

  • show Description
  • Season 1: Macross 7 It has been 35 years since Lin Minmei brought peace between the Zentradi and the humans in the events of the original Macross series. Basara and his band "Fire Bomber" are a struggling up and coming group on the Macross 7, an intergalactic colony ship traveling through space looking for a new planet to call home. During its flight, an unknown alien race appeared and started laying siege upon the colony. However, its attacks are not conventional -- instead of trying to destroy them, they steal what is known as "spiritia", leaving victims in a catatonic state. Basara, yearning to have his music heard, flies into the battle zone in his Valkerie to spread the message of music. Season 2: Macross 7 Encore (OAV) Three unbroadcasted episodes of the Macross 7 series. In "Fleet of the Strongest Women," the Macross 7 fleet encounters a rogue Meltrandi fleet led by an old rival of Millia. "On Air" focuses on Ray's past as a fighter pilot, how he first met Basara, and how they formed Fire Bomber. And "Which One Do You Love?" is a humorous account of family dynamics within the Jenius household as Millia believes she is dying and sets out to find a husband for Mylene. Season 3: Macross Dynamite 7 (OAV) Less than a year after the events that transpired in the Macross 7 TV series, Basara leaves Fire Bomber and travels to the planet Zola. There, he must use his Spiritia powers to stop an army of poachers from killing space whales. Episodes: 57 colored episodes (49 regular, 1 special, 7 OAV's, 1 movie) Origional Network: FujiTV Age Rating (season 1): Older Children (May contain mild bad language, bloodless violence) Age Rating (season 2): Teenagers (May contain bloody violence, bad language, nudity) Age Rating (season 3): Teenagers (May contain bloody violence, bad language, nudity) Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Mecha, Military, Romance, Science Fiction, Shounen Opening Song (season 1): "Seventh Moon" by Fire Bomber Opening Song (season 2): "Seventh Moon" by Fire Bomber Opening Song (season 3): "Dynamite Explosion" by Fire Bomber Ending Song 1 (season 1): "My Friends" by Fire Bomber featuring Mylene (eps 1-34) Ending Song 2 (season 1): "...Dakedo Baby!!" by Chie Kajiura/Mylene (eps 35-48) Ending Song 3 (season 1): "Remember 16 (Acoustic Version)" by Yoshiki Fukuyama/Basara (ep 49) Ending Song (season 2): "...Dakedo Baby!" by Chie Kajiura Ending Song (season 3): "Parade" by Fire Bomber FIRE BOMBER (SOUND FORCE) Nekki Basara Position: Guitar/Lead Vocal Age: 21 Birthdate: August 15, 2024 Eyes: Amber Hair: Dark Brown Bloodtype: B Nationality/Race: Japanesse Mylene Flare Jenius Position: Backup Vocals/Bass Age: 14 (15 later in series) Birthdate: February 2, 2031 Eyes: Green Hair: Pink Bloodtype: BC Nationality/Race: Human/Zentradi Ray Lovelock Position: Keyboard/Band Leader Age: unknown Birthdate: September 30 Eyes: Brown Hair: Black Bloodtype: O Nationalty/Race: African Veffidas Feaze Position: Drums/Percussion Age: 20 Birthdate: 2025 Eyes: Blue Hair: Green Bloodtype: unknown Nationality/Race: Zentradi (micronized) JAMMING BIRDS Designation: UN Spacy Civilian Combat Unit Weapons: Song (Spiritia) Energy Craft: VF-11D MILITARY UNITS: DIAMOND FORCE Captain Kinryu, D-1 Position: Diamond Force VF-17 pilot Rank: Captain Callsign: D-1 Eyes: Brown Hair: None 1st Lieutenant Gamlin Kizaki, D-2 Position: Diamond Force VF-17 pilot Rank: Lieutenant, later Captain Callsign: D-2, later D-1 Age: 19 Birthdate: January 2026 Birthplace: Mars Eyes: Hazel Hair: Lavender 1st Lieutenant Docker, D-3 Position: Emerald Force VF-19 pilot, formerly Diamond Force VF-17 pilot Rank: Captain, formerly 1st Lieutenant Callsign: E-1, formerly D-3 Eyes: Brown Hair: Black MECHA: UN Spacy Variable Fighters: VF-1J VALKYRIE VF-11 THUNDERBOLT VF-17 NIGHTMARE VF-19 EXCALIBUR VF-22 STURMVOGEL Varautan Variable Fighters: FZ-109 ELGERZORENE FBZ-99 ZAUBERGERAN AZ-130 PANTSERZORENmoreless

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (1)

    • Basara: (grinning) So, Gamlyn, looks like I can make you sing. Gamlyn: (embarrassed) So it seems...

    Notes (18)

    • This is the first appearance of fighter pilot Gamlin Kizaki.

    • This is the first appearance of the band "Fire Bomber". Basara Nekki (lead singer/guitarist), Mylene Flare Jenius (vocals/bassist), Ray Lovelock (keyboard), Veffidas Feaze (percussion).

    • Maximillian Jenius (Max Sterling), Millia Fallyna Jenius (Miria Sterling), Exsedol Folmo (Exedor), are character caried over from the original series Macross, and were also included in the American version Robotech.

    • Yoshiki Fukuyama provides the singing voice for lead singer and guitarist as Basara Nekki of the series band "Fire Bomber".

    • Chie Kajiura provides the singing voice for Mylene Flare Jenius. The Bassist for the series band "Fire Bomber".

    • Songs by the series music group "Firebomber" is performed by a Japanese group called Humming Bird.

    • This episode is the first performance of the Fire Bomber song Planet Dance.

    • This is the first appearance of the Milky Road, which looks like a laser road way that allows people to travel from ship to ship.

    Show More Notes

    Trivia (4)

    • The name of the Theme song is Seventh Moon performed by Humming Bird which is also the band that performs all the songs featured throughout the series.

    • The Macross 7 left earth in the year 2030. The events depicted in this series takes place in the year 2045.

    • Basara's singing has the same effect on Meltran that Minmei's did on the Zentradi. (meaning it turns them into screaming fangirls).

    • Chlore, the commander of the Meltran fleet is Miria's old rival. Both were aces of their respective fleets.

    Allusions (4)

    • The opening credits gives a brief time line on the Macross saga, which helps place where this story takes place in the series.

    • The other bands in the Music compitition are all playing songs from a previous series Macross 2.

    • The song Mylene sings at the end of this episode, My Boyfriend is a Pilot, is the original song that Linn Minmei sang in the original Macross series.

    • Linn Minmei and Hikaru Ichijo (Rick Hunter on Robotech) were characters from the original Macross series.

  • Fan Reviews (5)
  • Worse movie ever. Well actually that's being very harsh. After all, I'm sure the production company had put a lot of effort in producing this and trashing it like I am doing right now seems downright unfair.

    By masterroshi10, Jun 10, 2006

  • I can't believe I actually enjoyed this! It's like one of life's guilty pleasures.

    By Kirawea, Jun 08, 2006

  • I get a funny feeling whenever I watch Macross 7 on tv. It sends a chill up my spine in a way that I can't quite describe. This time, it's no exception.

    By clu3l3ssguy01, Jun 02, 2006

  • Macross 7: The Continuation of Robotech, but with Max and Miriya as two of the lead characters...

    By StarfireFan, Oct 08, 2005

  • Macross 7 is a sequel to the popular classic series, SDF Macross (aka Robotech, more or less). This 49 episode anime is not a continuation of the original storyline, but an independent side story revolving around a rock band, Fire Bomber, and their use o

    By mutjengi, Sep 06, 2005

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