Burt's Building

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Quotes (2)

  • Burt: Don't you think I know which one is the hold button and which one is the switch-hooks? Paul: I.. I know it. I thought you did, I knew that! Burt: I was just done talking to you, that's all. Paul: Which.. which I know now, I understand.

  • Joan: Is he here yet? Jamie: Not yet. Is there anything else you can do? Joan: Well, I've seen all my patients, finished all my correspondence, alphabetized my files... I'm thinking of taking up painting! Jamie: I'm sorry! I'm going to *kill* him! Joan: Well, then you couldn't yell at him, what with him being dead and all.

Notes (1)

  • Leila Kenzle (Fran Devanow) and Anne Ramsay (Lisa Stemple) do not appear in this episode.

Trivia (1)

  • GOOF: In the scene at the old apartment, just when Paul starts looking for his father, you can see the microphone on the top of the screen.