Jamie's Parents

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Quotes (1)

  • Jamie: (the door-bell buzzes and she bumps into furniture) Aaaow! Fu.. (starts singing) ...or crying out loud! Paul: (approvingly) For the baby? Jamie: Yes, for the baby! (shouts at the door) COMING! Paul: (hurrying after her) Oh, oh, tell me again with your mother because I blew it the last time... when she says something is bad, that means it is good? Jamie: No, no, no! When she says it is good, it is bad. Paul: Good is bad. Jamie: Good is bad, like is loathe, love is hate. When are you going to get this? Paul: I got it, I got it. So when is it actually good? Jamie: Nobody knows. (she opens the door)

Notes (3)

  • After Paul Dooley & Nancy Dussault, and John Karlen & Penny Fuller, Carol Burnett and Carroll O'Connor are the third couple to play Gus and Theresa on the show.

  • Leila Kenzle (Fran Devanow) and John Pankow (Ira Buchman) do not appear in this episode.

  • This was the official 100th episode.