My Boyfriend's Back

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Quotes (4)

  • Jamie: What time do you want me to set the alarm for tonight? Paul: I've got to be back at the dairy at 6. Jamie: How do you do that? Paul: Well, its easy. Sleep til dinner and I feel like breakfast. Then I shoot til sunrise and that feels like twilight. I come home for breakfast, that feels like dinner. I watch old Regis, feels like Leno. Jamie: And that works? Paul: No. I'll be draggin' my ass all week. (Paul puts on sleep mask) Paul: Hey! Dig me, I'm Arlene Francis.

  • Paul: Hey, you've been gone for two hours. What happened? Jamie: Oh, I don't know. They were out. Paul:The pizza place was out of pizza?

  • Lisa: (talking about Jamie and Alan) You guys are like a time bomb.

  • Paul: I don't know you with him, I only know you with me. Jamie: And? Paul: I like ya.

Trivia (1)

  • Alan bases his Mega Void comic book character, Queen Talon, on Jaime. Among her powers/attributes are:
    - she absorbs the life-force from her victims and causes them to melt - she crushed the planet Cardigan in her thighs - she has webbed feet - she learned the power of transmogrification from King Bannik - she gains her power from star-bursts - she destroyed the province of Lannick for a silver key