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  • 9.0

    My Favorite Show

    By Smartboy45, Jun 16, 2014

    During this show's full seven years on the air, it was my absolute favorite show in the whole world! I am crazy about Helen Hunt! So far, this is my second post since I first joined this community. I am still getting the hang of the rules and regulations. Please bare with me!

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  • 8.5

    Good show

    By gracielove, Nov 09, 2012

    Fell for it from the beging.

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  • 7.5

    Very enjoyable

    By bobfrapples8, Feb 16, 2011

    I thought Mad About You was a thoroughly enjoyable show centering around the newlywed relationship of Paul and Jamie Buchman. Helen Hunt was outstanding here and Paul Reiser was much less annoying than he was on My Two Dads so we will call that a good thing. They show greatly benefitted as the lead-in to NBC's Holy Trinity of must see TV blockbusters on Thursday night -- Mad About You followed by Friends and then Seinfeld. A whole group of my friends used to get together and watch this great 1 1/2 hour TV block.

    Then came Mabel and the show jumped the shark in my opinion. She was cute sure but it just wasn't what the show was about and I lost interest toward the end. I am seriously thinking of giving it a second chance and checking it out on DVD.moreless

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  • 10

    Great show about a young couple living in NY.

    By PaxPhoenix, Jun 29, 2010

    It feels so strange to review a show almost ten years after its end, but the other day I was remembering how much fun my family and I had watching this amazing show - and I'm not a nostalgic person.

    "Mad About You" was a tv show about a young couple living in New York City and their crazy family and friends. Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt star as Paul and Helen Buchman. They had a lot of funny situations happening in their lives, such so real, that happened with my family too. Lisa Kudrow, before becoming best known as Phoebe from "Friends", played Ursula, the crazy waitress from the restaurant where Paul and Jaime had lunch. As soon as "Friends" became a popular show, Ursula was turned into Phoebe's evil twin. There were crossovers between both shows too.

    It was a great tv show. I can't find any other show like this.moreless

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  • 9.9

    So totally awesome!

    By treehillbabe_xo, Jul 17, 2007

    My parents watched this show when it originally aired, but seeing as I was seven when it ended, I didn't. I occasionally saw it in repeats, but I just discovered how funny Mad About You really is. Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser and so cute together!

    This has got to be one of the funniest sitcoms in history. And I know people saw it jumped the shark with Mabel's birth, but I still thought it was hilarious, though maybe not quite as much as before.

    Paul and Jamie are the best and I don't think there should be any dispute over that. Anyone who's seen the show should agree with me. I love it!! Even the soundtrack!moreless

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  • 9.0

    Newly weds in the Big Apple and how they cope with married life. This show in a nutshell, it also helps to have a lot of comedy!

    By timmer_1, Jul 09, 2007

    This show brings memories back since I used to watch it nightly after school. These two characters are hilarious together! Jamie and Paul may not have the perfect marriage but they bring a lot of the myths to the surface about married life. This show gives everyone a glimpse into the world of marriage and shows that it isn’t all wonderful, it can be hard and even saddening but they show us that together they can overcome anything. Such as not enough “play time” all the way to buying the first couch together, sorry love seat, no couch, whatever. I recommend this just for the comedy portion of the show it is a laugh from start to finish every time. Enjoy!moreless

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  • 7.9

    This series is about a married couple who have been in love for 5 months, this shows tell us all about the daily troubles they have to go through so that they can live a happy marriage.

    By CalcuttaKid, Oct 22, 2006

    Mad about You is something that you would watch if you wanted some laughs. This is because the people in the show all have their own styles of living. The series tells us the hustle and bustle of a couple that has got married. Paul and Jamie are happily married and the series consists of them trying to get the other person to do things, like go make the coffee. This is done with slap stick humor and complex yea.. well lets say this show is a must see if you havent seen it and I thought was a good watch.moreless

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  • 8.5

    The premise is boring, but they make it work

    By ez1jb, Aug 29, 2006

    A couple living in a New York apartment, dealing with marital and relationship issues. I like this show because the Helen and Paul are very natural-and I believe that the situations that they experience are true to a lot of newlyweds, and not so newlyweds. Paul's Mother, Sylvia, on the show was wonderfully obstinate and cold towards her new daughter-in-law, which was also funny (and very real). Also, Carol Burnett was casted as Jamie (Helen's) mother, and the interaction between she and her onscreen daughter and Sylvia was really classic TV. The best shows, in my opinion, are the ones with a simple premise, and this show definitely falls into that category.moreless

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  • 6.5

    On Third Thoughts...

    By in-correct, Aug 28, 2006

    Not_Amanda said many things in the review that I agree with.. The only thing that is different for me is that I find Paul more annoying than Jamie. I also feel the same way about Paul's friend or whatever. They are both very creepy. And I also hate New York... and it gets annoying when a show is set in New York. I am still trying to watch this show whenever I can.. and at first I was wondering why did anybody create a show like this... It sounded boring.. Then I watched the first few episodes, and it was even worse than I thought... But there are many funny things that are said and done in some of the other episodes.. and It is very funny that the dog acts like a person.. Kinda like how Scooby Doo does and Snoopy does, only that is this is live action.. and I also like how Jamie's friends are just as funny as Jamie is... and I also saw that Cheryl Gates McFadden was there as Allison... That was also funny.... I still want to see this show more, but that may not happen until N@N becomes a 24 hour network....moreless

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