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Quotes (2)

  • Sarah: I'm pretentious filmmaker Sarah. Paul: Sarah, I'm pretentious filmmaker Paul. Sarah and Paul: (shaking hands) Nice to meet you! Sarah: I'm going to go back inside, smile and be phoney. Paul: (momentarily stopping her) Ah, let me see. Sarah: (mugging for him) Hi!! Oh, saw your film! Love it! Love it!! Love it!!! Paul: That's very good. Go get 'em! (returns to his beer)

  • Doug: We have one hour. Jamie: What? Doug: You. Me. Train. Albany. Jamie: You? Me? Train? Albany? Doug: (stuffing his briefcase) Yes. Albany. Yes. Jamie: Doug, I'm really going to need a verb of some kind! (a bit later, as Doug helps Jamie with her coat) Jamie: You. Me. Albany. Doug: Yes. Must. Jamie: Paul. Mad. Me. Really screwed. (they exit together)