The Birth (2)

Trivia, Quotes, Notes and Allusions

Quotes (4)

  • Bruce Willis: Hey, you pick out any names yet? Paul: Names? Well, we have a few thoughts. (pause) You have any ideas? Bruce Willis: What? Paul: What are your kids' names? Bruce Willis: Rumer, Scout and Tallulah-Belle. Paul: Yeah. We'll think of something.

  • Bruce Willis: Can I give you a hug? Paul: Hey... (they hug) Bruce Willis: Good, good. Can I give you a little kiss? Paul: (hesitates) Sure. (receives a kiss on the cheek) Bruce Willis: Wanna make out a little bit? Paul: I don't... No. Bruce Willis: OK.

  • Paul: Hi! Hi little baby! Hey, that's your mommy! Jamie: Hi! Paul: I'm your daddy! Well, welcome to the world... And we'll be your hosts... Jamie: Yes! Paul: (kissing Jamie's head) You know what? Jamie: What? Paul: Turns out, *this* is the good room!

  • Paul: Don't even pay attention to them... Jamie: Shh! Paul: You just focus on... Jamie: Don't talk! Paul: Why not? Jamie: Just don't! Paul: You just focus on... Joan: Keep breathing Jamie, you are doing great. Paul: You really are, you're doing just... Jamie: Don't talk! Paul: Just me? Jamie: Yes. Paul: I'm not allowed to talk ab.... Jamie: Please. Paul: Joan just talked... Jamie: Anybody can talk, just not you. Paul: I just don't understand why... Jamie: Are you kidding me now? You're going to pick a fight with me now? Paul: No, no, no... Jamie: You're going to start with me now? (a contraction hits) Whoooahhhhh!!!!

Notes (3)

  • Bruce Willis and Eric Stoltz are credited as "Special Appearances."

  • Last episode for Anne Ramsay (Lisa Stemple) as a part of a regular cast. She will return back as a guest star in the remaining 2 seasons.

  • Bruce Willis (who plays himself) is signed as a special guest star in this episode.

Trivia (1)

  • During the final push when Jamie is giving birth, Paul's hand changes from holding Jamie's hand on the side to holding Jamie's head between angles.

Allusions (1)

  • The reporter told that Bruce Willis was shooting his new movie "Die Already" when he got the accident. This is an allusion to Bruce Willis movies "Die Hard."