The Final Frontier (1)

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  • Mabel: These are the people who prepare me to the world. (Back to 2011) Jamie: You see Mabel, sweetheart, boys and girls are different, girls have (pause) umm boys have (pause) girls and boys ummm (pause) honey. Paul: See Mabel... when a man... loves a woman, he can't keep his mind on nothing else. He shows the world for the good things he found. If she is bad, he can't see it. She can't do no wrong. Jamie: Honey. Paul: There's get back to you. (Stand up and leave)

  • Jamie: There are lots of things I want, but only one that I need. And if you ever left me, I would find you, and I would bring you home, because you would be wrong.

  • Jamie: How can we not be married. Paul: Yeeck! Jamie: Our entire marriage is a lie. Paul: It’s not a lie. Jamie: Yes it is, for the last seven years we have not been what we thought we were. Our whole universe is based on a false foundation, doesn’t that bother you... Paul: Aw man. Jamie: What? Paul: (looking at sandwich) I asked for onions, they gave me sprouts.

  • Sheila: Paul and Jamie, I don’t know if you’ve been keeping track, but this is your 1,000th therapy session. Jamie: Is that true? Sheila: Yes it is. Jamie: Dear God. Paul: Wow 1,000th. Wow, that’s like... Sheila: Ten glorious years. Paul: No, no, I know that... Sheila: $116,000. Paul: Dear God. Jamie: Mmm-hmm.

  • Mabel: So, I’m the bastard child of idiot parents. My therapist tells me… yes, I’m in therapy… that, in my parents’ defense, they sought help. A lot of help.

  • Jamie: We didn’t even fill out the paperwork for that one. Paul: Didn’t even fill out… you know what we wrote on the certificate? "Lois Lane marries Humpty Dumpty."

  • Jamie: Hey we know you. Lenny: Hey. Paul: Hey. Lenny: Paul and Jamie, right? Paul: Yeah, Larry, right? Lenny: Lenny. Jamie: This is so wild, you know this is our anniversary today. Lenny: No it is not. Jamie: Yes it is. Seven years ago today. Lenny: That is deeply ironic.

  • Jamie: What says anniversary? (White g**k falls on Paul.) Paul: Certainly not that.

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  • The scenes in which future Mabel appears and narrates her childhood resemble the narrations made by the character of Alvy Singer in Woody Allen's Annie Hall. As a narrator, Mabel talks to the public directly, and tells many events of her childhood and her parents in New York, just like Alvy does in Annie Hall.

  • Featured Music: "You Give Me Love" by Faith Hill

  • As you can see, the final episode has the name of the original Mad About You theme song.

  • Helen Hunt won an Emmy for her best performance in this two part finale episode for best comedy actress.

  • This is the final one-hour episode.

Trivia (2)

  • Janeane Garofalo and Paul Reiser also worked together in "Bye Bye Love".

  • Carol Burnett & Tim Conway also appeared together in "The Carol Burnett Show."