The Final Frontier (2)

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  • Job: (To Paul and Jamie at the wedding) Okay, well, uh, you have the ring, the witness is asleep in the crib, dog’s lost interest, so I guess we could move right along. By the power invested in me, I now pronounce you man and wife. And, we got seven seconds left, so you can kiss each other squarely on the mouth.

  • Mabel: (voice over) Yes, it was not my best film. I see that now. But it was what I would call a hugely successful screening. To me, there is no greater act of courage than being the one who kisses first. And bearing that in mind, I ask all of you who are not my mother to turn around for a second. Mom, I love you. Okay everybody, you can turn back around. I said at the beginning that I blame my parents. And I do. I blame them for making me crazy, I blame them for being so difficult... but most of all, I blame then for making it impossible for me to dismiss the idea that love can actually work out.

  • Mabel: (voice over) My therapist said that the reason I clashed with my mother so much is that we’re so very much alike. That statement alone upped me from two sessions to three sessions a week.

  • Mabel: Here’s something. Our dog Murray died when I was six. So naturally, my parents told me about it when I was twelve.

  • Fran: I don't understand! You can send a monkey to Pluto, you can't make a high heeled sandal that doesn't lacerate my calf.

  • Fran: So, the manager blames it on my feet. Yeah, that’s the problem. The shoes that you made are fine. My feet that god made are clearly defective.

  • Paul: Mabel, sweetheart; Boys and girls are different. They’re not so different that they’re… totally different. They’re the same, in that they’re… they’re both different.

  • Jamie: ...Honey? Paul: Hm? Jamie: You didn't so much get that second vasectomy, did you? Paul: Wh... Jamie: Because I am remarkably pregnant. Paul: No I did not. (pauses) But I've done so many other things that you did ask me to.

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Notes (8)

  • Janeane Garofalo (Mabel) has the last line on the show ever. It was about Paul and Jamie: "And these two, if you'll pardon the expression, lived happily ever after."

  • This isn't only the final episode. Is the third try of one. Danny Jacobson & Paul Reiser wanted to end the show on season 4, and then on season 6, but at the end, they choose 7 seasons, because NBC wanted to keep the show as long as possible. Both Resier & Hunt got 1 million dollars for each episode of season 7, and they said that they agreed only if season 7 will be the final.

  • Helen Hunt won an Emmy for her best performance in this final episode for best comedy actress.

  • As you can see, the final episode has the name of the original Mad About You theme song.

  • As Mabel stated, Murray died when Mabel was 6 years old.

  • The last episode of 'Mad About You' was filmed on Thursday, March 11, 1999 at The Culver Studios in Culver City, California.

  • The series finale home video includes the song "You Give Me Love" performed by Faith Hill.

  • This is the final one-hour episode.

Trivia (2)

  • When Jamie kisses Paul in the cinema, the following short dialogue is exactly the same as when they kissed for the first time (episode 1x11, 'Met Someone')

  • Here's how the show ended: Ira and Marianne: Ira and Marianne ended up with eight children, one from every continent and two from New Jersey. Mark and Fran: Mark and Fran invited an adventuresome Swedish couple into their marriage, and they’ve never been happier. Marvin: Marvin became an international wrestling champion fighting under the persona "Angry Tina." Debbie and Joan: Debbie and Joan got married in Hawaii after it finally became legal for keeps. Debbie’s husband still thinks it’s a phase and he phones on the first of every month, saying, "Come on." Sheila: Dr. Sheila Kleinman became Mabel's therapist. She thinks she’s very good. Burt and Sylvia: My grandmother moved to Boca Raton, Florida but it didn’t take, so then she moved into my parents building, but two floors down, as not to intrude. Lisa: Lisa is exactly the same. Nat and Murray: Nat Ostertag became the host of the longest running local cable TV show, "Hey D'ere, Ho D'ere, It’s Your Dog D'ere." Hal and Maggie: Hal and Maggie Conway were found to be spies and were deported back to England. Nobody there likes them either. Ursula: Ursula Buffet, as you know, became governor of New York. Mabel: She's fine. Paul and Jamie: And these two, if you’ll pardon the expression, lived happily ever after.

Allusions (1)

  • Episode Title: "The Final Frontier" The show's finale title is a reference to the show's theme song titled "The Final Frontier," sung by Andrew Gold (seasons 1-5) & Anita Baker (seasons 6-7).