Mad About You

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  • Jamie: I'm a woman. I have needs. Paul: I understand. Jamie: I'm young. Paul: No one's arguing. Jamie: I'm vital. Paul: And beautiful. Jamie: (Looking at herself in the mirror) Are my ears too big for my head? Paul: And very neurotic.

  • Fran: Honey, the subway is full of degenerates. Lisa: Well, how am I gonna meet anyone if I take a cab?

  • Paul: Look, there's always going to be stuff. I put up with your crap and you put up with my crap. Jamie: That's marriage? Paul: This is what I'm thinking!

  • Jamie: Fran, Paul and I need a second. Fran: Oh, are you okay? (to Paul) Is everything all right? (to both) Can I help?

  • Jamie: Will you run the shower and make the coffee? (pause) I think I'm pregnant. (Paul sits up) Just kidding. Make the coffee.

  • Paul: What could you possibly have in your nose I don't have? Jamie: (wakes up) Oh, was I snoring? Paul: I can't believe you're alive.

  • Paul: 'Be prepared'. That's my motto. Do you have a motto? Jamie: Never marry anyone more neurotic than yourself.

  • Paul: You're unbelievable, you know that? You make big decisions at work. You deal with million-dollar corporations and you're stymied by this couch! Jamie: Because we're going to have it for a long time! Paul: Hey, you'll have me for a long time and that decision took you thirty seconds. Jamie: Boy, did I learn my lesson...

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Notes (178)

  • Teri Hatcher was considered for the role of Jamie Buchman, but lost at the final auditions to Helen Hunt. A year later, Teri went to star in ABC's Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

  • For the first few episodes, the dog that played the character, Murray, was nameless. Every time someone yelled for him or referred to him, he was called, "The Dog".

  • Paul Reiser plays the piano in each opening episode credits.

  • Murray, the Buchman's dog is played by a dog named Smiley, but from episode two he has been replaced by Maui, who seemed to fit the role better.

  • This is the first episode for recurring stars Leila Kenzle (Fran Devanow) and Richard Kind (Mark Devanow). They both become regulars later this season.

  • For first 14 episodes, "Mad About You" aired wednesdays at 09:30 p.m.

  • First season aired from January 1996 to August 1996 in Austria.

  • The telecast of this show in the beginning was rated PG and stayed until the end.

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Trivia (49)

  • This becomes a goof later in series when "Mad About You" and "Seinfeld" have crossover episodes: Estelle Harris plays Barry's mother in this episode but she plays Mrs. Costanza (George's mother) on "Seinfeld".

  • As Jamie talks about quilts telling a story, the hanger she's holding switches hands as the camera angle changes.

  • After Jamie tells Lynne she saw Paul sniff her hair, Lynne brings her left hand up to her hair then there's a cut to the oppsite side and she suddenly has her right hand to her hair (this was obviously done so her hand would not block her face from either angle).

  • Gus Stemple's pet names for Jamie and Lisa are "Peanut" and "Sweet Pea," respectively.

  • This episode is called "The Apartment". The episode is probably called this as a tribute to "Seinfeld". They probably did this because Michael Richards(Cosmo Kramer) is in this episode. The episode was probably named "The Apartment" because every episode of Seinfeld (besides the pilot, Highlights of a Hundred, and Male Unbonding) starts with the word "The".

  • The Buchmans live in Apartment 11D.

  • The Devanow's destination of New Rochelle, New York is the same suburb where the Petries lived in The Dick van Dyke Show.

  • The show writers apparently didn't look at their 1989 calendars. Fran says it's "two more days till Christmas" (so December 23rd) and that she has a lunch meeting the next day. However, December 23rd 1989 was a Saturday and a PR firm clearly wouldn't be working on Saturday and Sunday.

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Allusions (37)

  • Episode Title: "Sofa's Choice" The episode title is a play on the movie 'Sophie's Choice'.

  • West Side Story Paul alludes to Leonard Bernstein's West Side Story when he compares a potential battle among the Amish to the Jets and the Sharks.

  • The episode title is a play on the TV show "All in the Family." Ironically, this episode marks the first appearance of Jamie's parents, Gus and Theresa Stemple; Gus Stemple would later be played by Carroll O'Connor, the star of "All in the Family."

  • When Paul asks Kramer what 'that Jerry guy' is up to, Kramer answers that he is writing a show for NBC. In the fourth season of Seinfeld (1992-1993) there is a story arc about Jerry and George writing a sitcom.

  • Paul objects to Masha's calling him "Mr. Paul," because of the implied connection to the breaded fish brand "Mrs. Paul."

  • When Murray 'tells' Fran about Jamie and Paul being trapped, it was a reference to the hit TV show and movies, "Lassie," where a collie would alert families of danger.

  • Paul: I once saw a MacGyver episode where he escaped from a missile silo. Just using floss. Jamie: I'm Mrs. MacGyver. Trapped in a bathroom, Paul and Jamie try to emulate tv's MacGyver, famed for being able to get out of jams with common everyday items.

  • The Wizard of Oz As Paul and Warren enter Freddy's office, Freddy appears in a cloud of smoke, and announces, "Pay no attention to that man behind the desk."

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