At the Codfish Ball

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    Is 'Mad Men' becoming porn?

    By BigB11, May 31, 2012

    Recently there were some lewd behavior on 'Mad Men'. Last week,Peggy gave a hand-job to a stranger she'd met at the movies. Then this past Sunday,Sally witness Roger getting a BJ from Megan's mother. OMG.LOL. Is the show becoming X-rated? Well,I haven't seen anything graphic yet.There were some sex scenes when Roger had sex with Joan last season,and Don telling a call girl to slap him. Talk about some freaky S&M action. But Sally's seeing a couple in an intimate moment might be traumatized. I was curious about sex growing up,but never done it. I'm willing. This show is a little like HBO,but you don't see any boobs exposed or f-bombs. AMC is like FX. Basic cable.moreless

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    At the Codfish Ball

    By thefanof, May 04, 2012

    Well, that was an odd episode, to say the least. An inappropriate scene, and another boring dinner function. It seems that the show flusters whenever they have these kinds of episodes, and tonight was no different. They're boring in real life and apparently these events are just as boring on the tele.

    And the Peggy stuff, not interested.

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