Mad Men: Let the Weird Season 7 Teasers Begin... (VIDEO)

By Kaitlin Thomas

Mar 06, 2014

Mad Men will debut the first half of its seventh and final season on Sunday, April 13 (the second half will air in 2015, as the 14-episode run is being split into two parts, à la Breaking Bad), and as is the series' M.O., the first teaser for the new episodes tells us absolutely nothing about what to expect. Here's the 15-second clip, in which Jon Hamm's Don Draper descends the stairs of a TWA airplane. An earlier version of the clip was soundtracked by Wax Tailor's take on "Que Sera Sera," but that appears to have been removed in favor of the lovely musical stylings of airplane engines.


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Sooooooo where is he? Why is he there? Where is he going? Is he running away? Is it a metaphor? What does it mean? For the love of Bob Benson, please overanalyze accordingly and share your best theories in the comments.

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  • Gilda Mar 07, 2014

    Man how ive missed the completely useless previews for Mad Men episodes

  • romothink Mar 07, 2014

    After the recent success of his merged agency (economic, if not creative), he's obviously descending back to reality. Putting on the hat may indicate that he's once again hiding Dick Whitman (after revealing a snapshot of his past to his children - probably to try and rebuild his relationship with Sally). His briefcase implies that he's ready for business once again. So long as there's no smoke monster, stupid numbers, and references to purgatory, it should be a satisfying conclusion to one of TVs finest programs ever. But with only 16 eps, will we get to the 70s? Will we flash forward to see him develop "Milk, it does a body good" or even "Where's the Beef?"

  • TVFangirl84 Mar 06, 2014

    Yippie!!!! I am glad that mad men is coming back, I am sad that it will gone by 2015. :(

  • Misao_83 Mar 06, 2014

    As usual, I can´t watch it because I´m not in the US :-(

  • Rolamb Mar 06, 2014

    I could watch (being European), using Mediahint.

  • Misao_83 Mar 06, 2014

    Thank you!