Far Away Places

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    What just happened?

    By drewboivie, Aug 15, 2013

    The whole episode felt like it was on just Roger's segment. It would have been cool for just Roger's part, but beyond that it made the first and third sections a bit frustrating to watch since there was no reason for them to feel crazy.

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    One word: WOW!

    By maxval54, Sep 30, 2012

    Is it just me, or this was a shocking episode? What a great story and visual, It's been the best episode in the hole season. I think I'm just going to watch it again.

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  • 6.5

    Simutainously crazy?

    By BigB11, May 04, 2012

    When I watched that episode it focuses on three characters on a single day. First,Peggy argues with Abe then messes up a Heinz pitch while Don and Megan broke out.Then to take her mind off she goes to the matinee and shares a joint with a stranger with long hair and stylish pants.Then moments later she gives him a handjob.OMG! I was expecting her to go down on him. Meanwhile, Roger and his girlfriend take LSD at this guy's house.Then,Roger starts getting a buzz by seeing a reflection of him with his hair half-black and half-white, then Don speaks to him behind his back. lol. Back home he visions he's in the 1919 World Series.The following morning he breaks up with his girl. And,Don and Megan take a trip upstate to Howard Johnson where they fight before Don leaves her behind.Then feeling bad about it he tries to come back to her,but worries when she'd dissappeared.He finds her back at their apartment where he chases her around the house before falling to the floor. I think it was silly. Peggy had me shocked. Roger trying LSD got me hooked. We're getting close to the time when a lotta people will take all kinds of drugs with the hippies and the psychedellic era is arriving at our front door. Enter the madness.moreless

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