Six Month Leave

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    surprisingly simple episode after several big episodes. Freddy gets sacked. Peggy moves up in the office.

    By guyroy1971, Mar 27, 2011

    Don is living in a motel and it doesn't look like he will be getting back with his wife anytime soon as she is not very forgiving after his affair.

    The main story was Freddy getting fired after passing out and wetting himself after being drunk in the office. Don fought the firing as Freddy's "mistake" obviously mirrored his at home, and by seeking to get others in the office to forgive him, he was trying to forgive himself for the affair.

    Freddy was obviously very well liked and he certainly got the best firing anyone could hope for. He got full pay for six months and strerling and don took him out for a night on the town.

    It looked like Betty might be unfaithful, but the show surprised us by her "cheating by proxy" as she set up her married neighbor with a guy from the stables. She asked him to lunch she was having with her neighbor, and then didn't show. She knew her neighbor liked the guy and was hoping nature took its course as it were. The main point of this was for Betty, who was straight laced about marrage, to encourage adultary in her neighbor was a big act of rebellion as to her prior beliefs.

    Peggy got Freddy's accounts, so she is moving up in the world. She got an eye opener as she did not want a promotion based on Freddy getting the ax, but both Pete and Don told her that is the way it is in business.

    Sterling left his wife for Don's secretary, as his helping out the secretary in a previous episode showed he took advantage of the situation, as everyone knew he would.

    Marilyn Monroe also passed away, which was the first big cultural shock of the sixties. The women in the office took it very hard, which showed the power icons had at that time. Loved the comment by the african american elevator guy about how some people hide in the open. Sort of like blacks in the early sixties. Sterling tells don another firm just hired a black guy, so things in the world are changing.moreless

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  • 6.5

    Freddy wets himself.

    By thefanof, Mar 27, 2011

    This episode started off slow, but things eventually picked up at the end. Betty Draper is boring and this storyline needs to end or get less focus immediately. When Freddy, Sterling and Don were hanging out on the town we saw some excellent chemistry and character development. Finally somebody punched Jimmy Barrett in the face, the one thing we've been waiting for for weeks.

    Vincent Kartheiser is still underutilized, but at least he got some screen time here. We saw a much more malicious and cold-hearted Pete Campbell, but at the same time the humorous man we've come to expect from him.

    MM did not deserve the Emmy for Outstanding drama and might win it again next year, but there are several shows far superior than this. Still, this was a fine offering from the AMC series.moreless

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