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  • 7.5

    the old days...

    By marlajulia, Nov 07, 2013

    Wow, that garbage disposal after the picknick left me shocked....

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  • 4.8

    They get a new account.

    By thefanof, Sep 13, 2011

    This episode looked as if it may have been different, maybe s little more adventurous and a little more action-packed. We had sneaking around and a flashback of "Don" working as a carsalesman. All the pieces were in place for an interesting episode, yet something went wrong.

    Ken was given too much screentime, Pete was non-existent, and the insufferable Jimmy Barrett was brought back yet again. The show creates the mystique and aura of the 1960's, but the originality just ceases to exist. The plots are as predictable as they are overused and the character development is as slow as a glacier (they take 1000 years to freeze, for those that do not know).moreless

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  • 9.0

    Brilliant episode, One of the best

    By smileyoreilly, Nov 01, 2010

    One of the most enjoyable episodes to date. (warning lots of spoilers) The episode begins with the "new car" and flashbacks to Don as a car salesman, the aspect of his past and that he is not really Don Draper. The aspect of Trash is a main trend as the family leave rubbish after there picnic and later Don is told in a line "your trash" at the end of the episode. There is allot of standoffs in the episode as jane is still causing causing stirr in the office as being daring and showing the "new era" of women. she is as strong it seems as joan, but can resist the temptation of the men in the office. Don is truly now loosing his cool, in the previous episodes his lies with the new relationship are starting to show, now he can't have salt due to high blood pressure lie and he cracked up in the previous ep, betty now for sure after what Jimmy told her he could see his wife cheating with Don it will be interesting how this plays out!

    The Sal being in touch with his feminine side is clear as his character is explored in this episode as he seems to awe over ken!

    All in al great episode, i don't understand thefanof's review, Ken has previously had no screentime and surly it makes a change to having Pete on all the time.. and i don't mind jimmy, he isn't a deep character but he is plain speaking and tells it as it is!moreless

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  • 8.3

    Don's affair comes to a head. Jane and Joan square off. Sal invites Ken to dinner

    By guyroy1971, Aug 11, 2010

    This episode was the payoff (spoiler) to the whole Jimmy storyline as he really gets his revenge on Don. I stated in the last review it looked like Don was about to be caught, and I was right. For the first time in the show, his wife now has an inkling about her husband's double life. (hence the flashback to when he sold cars and was called out by a woman who knew he wasn't who he said. It paralelled his new double life of being unfaithful)

    I thought Jimmy was annoying, but his turning his smiling persona off to vent then turning it back on after telling Don's wife about his knowledge of Don's affair, then dumping on Don, was really well done.

    Jane was fired but got her job back after appealing to slater. I believe she will regret that decision as Slater is not one not to take advantage of that situation. (as Joan knows very well, which is why I think she dropped it after she found out how Jane was still there)

    The show's showing the different mores of the time was again highlighted by the Sal storyline (closeted and repressed gay and the casual attitude towards littering. Many of the comments on this episode were shocked by it, but people did not really care about littering until the late eighties or so. (when I was little, my dad often casually threw trash out the window of his

    I believ Betty is about to act on some of the offers she had from other guys throughout this season now she knows that Don's cheating. I also agree with another on here that Duck seems to be careening towards a bad end.moreless

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