Madan Senki Ryukendo

(ended 2006)
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  • Episode Guide
  • S 1 : Ep 56

    Madan Senki Ryukendo: Special DVD (Madan Senki Ryūkendō: Supesharu Di Bi Di)


  • S 1 : Ep 55

    Clash! RyuKenDo Vs RyuGunOu (Gekitotsu! Ryūkendō tai Ryūgan'ō)


  • S 1 : Ep 54

    Madan Gunman (Magna) Ryuguno (Madan Jūshi (Maguna) Ryūgan'ō)


  • S 1 : Ep 53

    Twin Edge God GekiRyuKen Version (Tsuin Ejji Goddo Gekiryūken Bājon)


  • S 1 : Ep 52

    Farewell, Madan Warriors! (Saraba Madan Senshi!)

    Aired 12/31/06

  • Cast & Crew
  • Kenji Nojima

    GekiRyuKen (voice)

  • Yukitoshi Hori

    Rock Crimson (voice)

  • Yasunori Masutani

    GouRyuGun (voice)

  • Eri Otoguro

    Ichiko Nakazaki

  • Kumi Imura

    Rin Sakyou

  • show Description
  • When demons threaten the people of peaceful Akebono City by stealing their Minus Energy, it's up to the secret organization SHOT (made up of members of the Akebono police station) to protect the community. New arrival Kenji Narukai, determined to fight the demon army, joins up with SHOT to help save the day.

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (75)

    • Kenji: Today's SHOT Information is RyuKenDo's hissatsu attack. It's GekiRyuKen Madan Slash. Pull the Final Key from the Madan Key holder. Enter it into GekiRyuKen and activate it. With this I can cut enemies in two!

    • Kenji: I'm alive? GekiRyuKen: Do not lose focus. Kenji: Who are you? GekiRyuKen: I am GekiRyuKen. Kenji: A sword? I've lost it. I must have hit my head. (Iron Eater appears) GekiRyuKen: Explanations afterwards. Unsheathe me and enter the key. Kenji: What? GekiRyuKen: Do as I instruct or you will die. (Iron Eater attacks) Kenji: This bastard! GekiRyuKen: You leave me no choice. For now I am taking control over you. (GekiRyuKen enlarges) Kenji/GekiRyuKen: (inserting the RyuKen Key into GekiRyuKen) RyuKen Key! Activate! Change voice: Activate. RyuKenDo. Kenji/GekiRyuKen: GekiRyu Henshin! (Kenji is transformed into RyuKenDo) Kenji/GekiRyuKen: Born with the light, the dragon fang! Smashing the demons in the darkness! RyuKenDo! Raijin!

    • Kenji: I heard demons appear in Akebono City, but I never imagined it'd be that big. Shopkeeper's wife: But dear, this morning's big ruckus was a first wasn't it? Shopkeeper: Oh. That's true. That started about half a year ago I think. In a construction site a strange meteorite was found. They started appearing since then. Kenji: Is that masked Gun Mania guy a good guy? Shopkeeper: That's SHOT. I bet they work with the fire department. Shopkeeper's wife: The police are pretty pathetic after all.

    • Kenji: Today's SHOT Information is about Fire RyuKenDo's hissatsu attack. GekiRyuKen Blazing Slash. When RyuKenDo changes into Fire Mode, he can do this fiery attack. I'm burning up!

    • Kenji: Today's SHOT Information is about RyuKenDo's JuuOu, Brave Lion. Put Lion Key in GekiRyuKen and it summons him. He can transform into Lion Trike. A powerful mecha support animal.

    • GekiRyuKen: From the ancient Earth, covered in ice, life bound together was born. The sword of ice is the god of change. It's the magic that lets people live!

    • Kenji: Today's SHOT Information is Aqua RyuKenDo's hissatsu attack, GekiRyuKen Freezing Slash. When RyuKenDo changes into Aqua Mode, he uses this cold, freezing attack. It can freeze!

    • Kenji: Today's SHOT Information is about the Trinity hissatsu attack. When GekiRyuKen, Brave Lion and RyuKenDo become one a powerful Madan Slash tears out. The three powers combine.

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    Notes (168)

    • Each episode ends with a 'SHOT Information' section that provides information on the Madan Warriors.

    • First appearance of Kenji Narukami/RyuKenDo, Tsukaima, Detective Hanada, Chief Tsukioka, Juushirou Fudou/RyuGunOu, the GouRyuGun, RyuGun Key, BusterWolf Bike Mode, Dr. Worm, Jack Moon, Ichiko Nakazaki, Ritsuko Takakura, Kaori Nose, Kichi Setoyama, Rin Sakyou, GekiRyuKen, RyuKen Key and Final Key.

    • When not acting as RyuGunOu, Fudou, along with Rin, work as police officers at the Akebono station.

    • Ryukendo is the first series produced by Takara Tomy. It would be followed in 2008 by Tomica Hero Rescue Force.

    • Opening theme: "Madan Senki Ryukendo" by Hiroshi Kitadani. Ending theme: "Everybody Goes" by Nanase Aikawa.

    • Majuu: Iron Eater.

    • When a Majuu is defeated, the Madan Key that is created allows SHOT to unlock further chapters in the Canon of Light.

    • First appearance of SHOT headquarters, located under the Akebono police station, the Fire Key, Fire RyuKenDo and the ghostly Komachi Kurihara, although she is not named in this episode.

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    Trivia (5)

    • The money that Kaori returns to Koichi is, as ZanRyuJin says, British currency, specifically a £10 note. £10 is worth approximately ¥1500.

    • As Dr. Worm glues the pieces of Rock Crimson together, he puts the tube of glue down next to him and it immediately falls over. However, in the following shot from a slightly different angle, the tube is stood upright.

    • As God RyuKenDo chases Jamaindo, the wires used to make it fly are briefly visible.

    • It is unclear why Kenji initially chose to put on his demon mask to fight as it would block much of his vision and, as shown with the police chiefs, get him attacked by his own people who mistook him for a real demon.

    • Despite being able to create perfect duplicates of the townspeople, Niman's copies of RyuKenDo and RyuGunOu have purple visors instead of blue and red respectively. However, no one notices this.

    Allusions (28)

    • Akebono means 'beginning' in Japanese.

    • DaiMaOu means 'great demon king' in Japanese.

    • RyuKendo's call of 'raijin' is used to mean 'rising/to arrive', but can also mean 'lightning god'.

    • GekiRyuKen means 'fierce dragon sword' in Japanese.

    • GouRyuGun means 'strong dragon gun' in Japanese.

    • Tsukaima means 'familiar' in Japanese.

    • SHOT is an acronym for Shoot Hell Obduracy Troopers.

    • Madan Senki Ryukendo translates as Magic Bullet Chronicles Ryukendo.

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