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  • Richard's Opening Monologue Richard: All my life I wanted to make movies. A good movie can change lives. A great movie can change the world. But television, it's different. Its not about making a difference. Television's about making one thing only. Money. I work in television; I can get behind anything.

  • Victor: And the light turned green. He'd already cleaned my window, but what am I supposed to do? Hold up traffic while I look for a quarter?

  • Raymond: I am, a high functioning alcoholic. Richard: You don't really drink though do you Raymond? Raymond: Nope... but the disease manifests itself differently in each person.

  • Richard's Opening Monologue Richard: Poor Raymond. One minute he's on top of the world, the next minute he's one of those 45 year old guys without a job. Its tough to bounce back. I feel bad for him, I really do. Its not my fault his wife left him, ok maybe it is... but uh.... A guys gotta eat!

  • Richard: I'm doing these kids a favour. Ten days working on this show, I bet half of them leave film school. See, I can show them what its really like. Long, boring, with lots of heavy lifting and yelling thrown in for good measure. And sure, they have to work for free, but at least I'm not charging them ten grand to sit in a room with that jerk and watch movies with subtitles. Subtitles. Who the hell wants to read a movie?

  • Richard's Opening Monologue Richard: Every industry has them. Best PVC Piping Salesmen Western Division; Most Improved Cosmetics Counter of the year award; Bus Driver with the Cleanest Bus of the year award. Everyone does it, except most people have the decency to do it in the privacy of a lousy hotel ballroom, accept for us because we, we work in television, so we stretch the entire thing out over three days, and then put the final night, on television for the entire world to see. Or country, or at least people that don't have cable.

  • Siobahan is crying on Richard's shoulder. Siobahan: The doctor said he had three months to live. Richard: Oh that could mean anything.

  • Richard's Opening Monologue Richard: In show business there is no job security. One minute you can have it all. Big money, big job, lots of power. You're in the boardroom on the table having sex with the boss' daughter. Then you make, one little mistake, then one big mistake; by her father. And when that happens does anyone say, but hey, he's a really nice guy, or hey he's really good at his job. No you end up across the street and a lot further down the ladder. They say the worst job in show business is working with children and animals. That's not true. The worst job? Working with puppets.

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Notes (22)

  • Veronica mentions they need 65 episodes of Damacles to syndicate and make money. Made in Canada ran for exactly 65 episodes.

  • Veronica books Victor's flight on Canadian Airlines. Canadian merged with Air Canada and the Canadian brand was dropped shortly after this episode would have been aired.

  • Richard's monologue did not happen until after his conversation with Raymond.

  • Additional material: Paul Bellini, Chris Finn.

  • There is no Opening Monologue in this episode.

  • Additional material: Paul Bellini.

  • This episode does not feature either an opening monologue, or a closing catch phrase.

  • Additional material: Paul Bellini, Chris Finn.

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Trivia (4)

  • Alan's last name is spelled differently in his on screen credit during his interview. It is spelled 'Rowe' But in future episodes, and on the official website it is spelled Roy.

  • While Richard and Victor speak to the head of the Actors Union, the boom mic is visible for a short moment.

  • You can see leaves outside of Alan's window even though its supposed to be December... in Halifax. If you've ever been to Halifax in December...

  • Time Index 11:22 - When Victor is talking to Alan in his office the boom mic is visible in the top of the screen.

Allusions (6)

  • Siobahan: Was Mary Pickford as nice as she seems?
    Mary Pickford was considered America's Sweetheart in the silent movie era. Ironically she was Canadian.

  • Alan: Moses Znaimer
    Who is Moses? And Why do I care? Well, if you're Canadian, then you know who he is. He created City TV, and Much Music, Much More Music, Much Loud, Much Vibe, Musique Plus, Space: The Imagination Station, Speakers Corner, Electric Circus... are you seeing a pattern? For those of you in the US, or otherwise abroad you may not know WHO Moses is, but trust me, you are watching his style, and he's getting rich off of you even though you don't even known it. He's truly, the greatest living human being.... Moses... are you listening??? Can I have a Job?

  • Victor: I Never Saw The Sting
    The Sting was a movie in 1973 starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford.

  • Richard: Have you ever considered a career in politics? You could do well here.
    During the production run the Progressive Conservative Provincial Government of Ontario was considered Anti Labour, and forced massive cuts to Ontario's Nursing program. For all of the problems they caused the province they won two seperate majorities before being defeated by the Liberals in the election of 2003.

  • Alan: Canada Reads
    Canada Reads is a pro literacy campaign spearheaded by Canada's Public Broadcaster the CBC.

  • Richard: Jump The Shark
    "Jumping The Shark" is a reference to a Happy Days episode in which Fonzy water skied over a shark. It was predicted that this would be the end of great Happy Days episodes. Many think it was.