Magnum, P.I.

CBS (ended 1988)
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  • S 8 : Ep 13

    Resolutions (Part II)

    Aired 5/1/88

  • S 8 : Ep 12


    Aired 5/1/88

  • S 8 : Ep 11


    Aired 2/17/88

  • S 8 : Ep 10

    Legend of the Lost Art

    Aired 2/10/88

  • S 8 : Ep 9

    The Great Hawaiian Adventure Company

    Aired 1/27/88

  • Cast & Crew
  • Tom Selleck

    Thomas Magnum

  • Roger E. Mosley

    T.C. Calvin

  • John Hillerman

    Jonathan Quayle Higgins

  • Larry Manetti

    Rick Wright

  • Elisha Cook Jr.

    Ice Pick Hofstetler

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  • show Description
  • Former Naval Intelligence officer Thomas Magnum resigns his commission to become a private investigator on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii. He lands a home in the guest house on the estate of millionaire author Robin Masters in exchange for testing the estate's security, but is forced to work under the strict and ever watchful eye of Jonathan Quayle Higgins, a former British Army soldier who serves as the estate manager, and constantly patrols the grounds with his two "lads" Zeus and Apollo, who are loyally trained Doberman Pinschers always ready to pounce on Magnum. Magnum makes good use of the perks that come with working on the estate, including driving Masters' sporty red 308 GTS Ferrari, Audi, and all-terrain Jimmy, as well as equipment such as high-end cameras and telescopes. Of course, all of these expensive toys are under the keen scrutiny of Higgins, and Thomas often finds himself at the end of Higgins's hard bargaining to secure their loan. Although Magnum's carefree ways often clash with Higgins's stricter manner, their mutual respect forms a strong basis for their working relationship. Two of Magnum's former Vietnam comrades and friends live and work nearby. T.C. Calvin owns "Island Hoppers", a helicopter tour company, and Rick Wright manages the King Kamehameha Club, an exclusive beach front club. T.C.'s piloting skills and Rick's shady underworld contacts often get them roped into Magnum's cases. Others in Magnum's circle include Naval officers Mac MacReynolds, Maggie Pool, and Buck Greene; Hawaii P.D. officers Nolan Page and Yoshi Tanaka; Dr. Ibold; Higgins's fellow Brit Agatha Chumley; Rick's underworld contact "Ice Pick"; and Deputy D.A. Carol Baldwin. Robin Masters was never fully seen, ultimately leading Magnum to the conclusion that Higgins was actually Masters, though this theory was never fully proven. The show was a huge hit, with the first five seasons ranking in the top 20 shows in the U.S. ratings each year, thanks to its wide range of stories appealing to a broad cross section of fans, The series ranged from broad slapstick comedy and farce, to deep, thoughtful drama, to edge-of-the-seat action. The series was widely applauded for being the first to recognize the difficulty Vietnam era soldiers faced in making the readjustment to civilian life. Many episodes touched upon the impact that serving in Vietnam had on Magnum and his friends, as well as echoes to the events of World War II. The series won many awards, including Emmys and Golden Globes for Selleck and Hillerman. Broadcast History: December 1980 - April 1981: Thursday on CBS, 9:00 PM October 1981 - April 1987: Thursday on CBS, 8:00 PM October 1987 - May 1988: Wednesday on CBS, 9:00 PMmoreless

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  • Quotes (164)

    • Higgins: Don't ruin my whiskey with ice! I'm not a bloody American!

    • Alice Cook: Why did you quit, Tom? Magnum: It was nothing earth-shattering. One day I woke up, age 33, and realized I'd never been 23.

    • Magnum: I'm not an intruder, I'm a guest! Higgins: Guests eventually leave.

    • Erin Wolfe: So, a woman can't go out like a man, huh? She takes pills. Swims out to sea or slits her wrists, but she ain't got the guts to blotto the old face, isn't that what you said Tony, huh? Here's one woman who's going to take it right between the big blues, just to show you how smart you really are.

    • J.J. Stein: I told him. I told that lousy writer that that scene was sick. I didn't even enjoy reading it. No. He insisted we keep it in. Damn writers.

    • Higgins: Magnum, feed the lads, would you? There are steaks in the freezer. (Magnum makes a face) Very well, you can have one, too.

    • Higgins: Stop. Whatever you are doing, stop it. T.C.: Hi, Higgins. Higgins: Don't "Hi, Higgins" me. Just get you and your juvenile delinquents out of here.

    • Magnum: There are times when one human being really shouldn't take advantage of another... but this wasn't one of them.

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    Notes (362)

    • The German episode titles are "Der heiße Schnee auf Hawaii" and "Wer braucht schon Schnee auf Hawaii?", meaning "The Hot Snow of Hawaii" and "Who Needs Snow in Hawaii?". The French title is "Pas de neige à Hawaii (1/2)", meaning "No Snow in Hawaii". The Italian title is "La neve delle Hawaii (1ª parte)", meaning "Hawaiin Snow (Part 1)".

    • The pilot originally aired as a two hour made-for-tv movie which was later edited into two one hour episodes for syndication.

    • This is the only time that the complete version of Ian Freebairn-Smith's original theme for the series is heard. A shortened version is played under the credits until "The Ugliest Dog In Hawaii". The closing credits have an alternative version of this original theme, which is the only time this version is ever used in the series.

    • Although Glen A. Larson came up with the original premise of the series, which he developed with Donald P. Bellisario, this is the only episode he wrote.

    • The show's title during the first two seasons is Magnum P.I. The comma was added at the start of the third season.

    • The German episode titles are "Der heiße Schnee auf Hawaii" and "Wer braucht schon Schnee auf Hawaii?", meaning "Hot Hawaiian Snow" and "Who Needs Snow in Hawaii?". The French episode title is "Pas de neige à Hawaii (2/2)", meaning "No Snow in Hawaii". The Italian title is "La neve delle Hawaii (2ª parte)", meaning "Hawaiian Snow (Part 2)".

    • This episode marks the first of two unrelated appearances by W.K. Stratton. In this episode, he plays the part of Ens. Healy. He can also be seen in the second season episode "Wave Goodbye".

    • The German episode titles are "Das chinesische Abenteuer" and "Der Fluch des letzten Kaisers", meaning "The Chinese Adventure" and "The Curse of the Last Emperor". The French title is "La poupée chinoise", meaning "The Chinese Doll". The Italian title is "La dinastia dei Sung", meaning "The Sung Dynasty".

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    Trivia (109)

    • The license plate on the Ferrari is 56E-478, which would change to Robin 1 in subsequent episodes.

    • Rick owns a club in town, Rick's Café Americana, in the pilot, but would manage the beachside King Kamehameha Club in subsequent episodes.

    • When Magnum pulls over to the side of the road after stealing the Ferrari he unclips the roof and slides it back where does it go. The roof does not go automatically into any compartment so it must have been left on the side of the road.

    • As the Ferrari races through the gates, the closing gates trap one of the dogs at its neck before reopening slightly, freeing the poor animal.

    • When Thomas yells "Higgins, you yo-yo!", it's clear that the original line was "Higgins, you dummy!" and was rerecorded in post-production.

    • When Thomas is waiting for Alice to arrive at the airport, the shot of the plane landing shows a white aircraft with a red stripe and a blue under-belly. In the next shot, as Thomas looks out at the plane, it's metallic grey.

    • In the scene at Rick's bar where Magnum and Alice meet with drug-dealer Snow White in the back room, when Snow White turns up the music tannoy on the wall, the sound is very unconvincing. Coming from a such a small speaker, the sound would be quite tinny, but the sound heard is far too bass-heavy and clear to be believable.

    • There are some noticeable differences between the pilot episode and this, the first official episode of the series. The license plate on the Ferrari is now ROBIN1, the interior of Robin Masters' has changed significantly, and Rick now owns the King Kamehameha Club, with no explanation given as to what happened with the bar he owned in the pilot.

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    Allusions (15)

    • Rick's club in the pilot episode, Rick's Café Americana, is named after Rick's Café Américain, the club in the 1942 film Casablanca.

    • Higgins' two Dobermans are named Zeus and Apollo, after the Greek gods. Zeus was the god of the sky and thunder in Greek mythology. He was also King of the Gods, along side his wife/sister Hera. Apollo, a son of Zeus, was the God of the Sun, leader of the Muses. The dawn was Apollo riding his golden chariot across the sky, bringing day. He was associated with the lyre and the bow. He was also considered to be the god of medicine, colonists, archery, prophecy, poetry and reason, as well as other arts and sciences.

    • Magnum comments, "Putting Dan on this stuff was like making McGarrett the meter maid on Waikiki," referring to Steve McGarrett (played by Jack Lord), the central hero on the 1968–1980 television series Hawaii Five-O. After it went off the air in 1980, there were plans to bring the character of Steve McGarrett to Magnum, P.I., but those plans fell through when Lord, after directing and starring in the film M Station: Hawaii in 1980 retired from acting altogether.

    • After tracing a list of owners from possible cars that the kidnapper escaped in, T.C. comments that "the first one [on the list] was a cop from Five-O. Figured he probably wasn't our man." Rick asks "What was his name?", to which T.C. replies, "McGarrett," referring to Steve McGarrett from Hawaii Five-O.

    • In one scene, when Higgins is planning to use the wreck of a Japanese bomber plane to sail off of the island, T.C. asks "Whatcho talkin' about, Higgins?"—a take on Arnold's catch-phrase, "Whatcho talkin' about, Willis?" in the TV series, Diff'rent Strokes.

    • The title of this episode is taken from "A More Human Mikado" from The Mikado, which we see Higgins directing a performance of in this episode. The complete passage runs: My object all sublime I shall achieve in time-- To let the punishment fit the crime-- The punishment fit the crime; And make each pris'ner pent Unwillingly represent A source of innocent merriment! Of innocent merriment!

    • Emily's comment that, "I know Gonzo and Trapper John dress like that, but I thought that was only on the tube," refers to the main characters from Trapper John, M.D..

    • The plot of the episode is loosely derived from Akira Kurosawa's 1950 film, Rashomon.

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  • Fan Reviews (30)
  • One of my favorite 80's shows!!

    By gherzog31, Apr 14, 2014

  • Back on TV, COZI TV, check it out.

    By khill12345, Jan 08, 2013

  • This is one of my all time favorites.. I am glad I can see it again on Retro TV network every day now. I think of it every day since the theme song is my primary ring tone on my cell!!!!

    By drhenning, Jan 17, 2009

  • Magnum is a series made in the 80's and it shows. But the acting is super. The scenes are great and beautifull. The locations are very special and sometimes stunning. This is a series that stands the test of time.

    By ewtvfreak, Aug 22, 2008

  • Boy, do I love 80's shows. They had everything-action, women in bikinis, bad guys, cool cars, they had the lot.

    By txp-lucky49, Dec 22, 2007

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