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    By AndyImperato, 3 days ago


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    Really Disappointed

    By OwlCreekObserver, Jun 24, 2015

    I've recently been watching reruns of The Closer, which had many of the same characters as Major Crimes and I'd forgotten how good that show was. I can't say the same for the spin-off. It seems like the only plot line these writers can come up with involves the Rusty character's homosexuality. Surely somewhere in Hollywood there must be at least one or two straight writers.

    I'm going on hiatus as a viewer.

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    Get rid of Rusty

    By ML618, Jun 23, 2015

    We are sick of Rusty and his problems. We watch the show because we like the characters from "The Rusty' character is completely unbelievable. No police department would allow a kid to wander around and see and hear all that was going on. Send him off to college and give us a break.

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    Why is this the only show that makes Gay such a big deal?

    By Lasvegaslbgcomm, Jun 16, 2015

    I don't have anything against gay, lesbian or bi-sexual's. I have been in same sex relationships so I guess I am considered bi. But my attraction to someone does not define me. This TV show pushes the gay, Rusty storyline too much and too far. Would a young girl ask her adopted father if it was ok to be in relationship with someone much older? Would it be a storyline? No. Because nobody wants to know about that kind of story when watching a crime drama. I watch all the good crime drama TV shows and none of them focus soo much on gay relationships? It seems like the writers are trying to get the audience to know and like Rusty so they will like all gays. It doesn't work that way. Rusty's character would be fine if he could move beyond his sad past and just be gay in quiet without it creeping into every episode. When you start putting the same focus on the heterosexual relationships then it will be equal, and it will then be a romance show, not a crime drama. Do you not understand we don't watch the show to find out how Rusty is doing this week? We watch because we like crime drama. But we don't watch to have the gay agenda's being pushed down our throat. Being Bi, even I find this annoying. Tv shows don't have to be about who characters spend time in the bedroom with. I can't imagine why straight people would watch this show more than one time. I've stopped watching until I happened to watch an old episode recently which reminded me why I stopped watching. I miss the old days when media, including TV shows did not try to change what is appropriate in society and what is not. I never advertised my relationships whether they were same sex or opposite sex. Maybe this TV show could consider why people watch this show. It isn't for Rusty, his past life or his current boyfriend. I was raised in foster care and ran away at 15, I don't think every person I meet wants to hear about what I did to survive. Just like we don't want to be reminded about Rusty and his choosing to have sex with men in Hollywood. In reality, young men can be straight prostitutes, if they choose. But the gay choice, was the choice the gay made in the character background, but we are tired of it. Let's do crime drama. Maybe the writers should watch Bones, all NCIS shows, all CSI shows, Hawaii Five 0, Stalker etc. None of those shows focus on the sexual preferences of a character. They may have relationships but the gender or type of relationships, is never a focus of every episode. That's what we want to see. Real crime drama. If we want to see a show about gay people, we can watch reality TV, there are plenty of those shows to pick from.moreless

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    The Closer Fans

    By AndretMurdianto, May 29, 2015

    Overall Great Show !!

    but I miss Brenda, please please get her as guest appearance sometimes, after all she is new Chief DA Biro Investigation if I'm not mistaken it should be related sometimes.

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    Great Show!

    By MareenaSchouten, May 18, 2015

    Although not perfect, Major Crimes does an amazing job as a crime drama television series which did an amazing job transitioning from The Closer to the beginning of this series. Unlike most crime dramas I watch such as Castle, CSI and Bones, Major Crimes has a kind of realism to it. No particular individual is uncannily smart or amazing at what they do (eg. Bones where is a highly sought after anthropologist or Castle where Kate Beckett is seen as almost like a celebrity and Castle is a well received crime writer) however as a team they respect eachother and work well togethe. With reoccurring storylines things tend to get a little on the unbelievable side however things do need to be changed up a bit for people to stay interested, so I respect that.

    Major Crimes also tries to include all types of people Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Whites and even Gays within the main storyline. It's not overwhelming and they dont shove it in your face. Its just there.

    They solve crimes, the personal drama doesn't usually get incorporated into the crime and is usually just a back story - sometimes annoying but like I said - needed to keep people interested. (If you want to watch people just solve crimes go watch a true crime show)

    Not perfect, but I love the show for a reason. Major Crimes, you're doing something right.moreless

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    I almost agree to get rid of Rusty

    By KeithDale, Apr 15, 2015

    You really missed a lot in Rusty's story line. first of all you portray him as level headed kid after coming off the streets and nearly getting killed. This kid needed mental help and still does. He befriended a girl while in school and you had a really good story line. But you changed it and went Gay and had Sharon okay a relationship with him and a older man who could be portrayed as a pedophile. If you don't want to lose a loyal viewer please change the Gay thing after it is a crime show.moreless

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    Get rid of Rusty and the ridiculous comb-over

    By wandamohr9, Jan 29, 2015

    Agree with all of the comments about Rusty and the ridiculous Sharon-Rusty novella. Also, he is soooo miscast. He has to be at least 35, not in his teens. AND his comb-over is almost as lousy as the Donalds!

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    Entertain don't wash my brain

    By thomasackley, Jan 27, 2015

    I enjoy the stories and characters of major crimes. However, I feel manipulated when special interest groups insinuate messages into the show to direct our moral compasses. Case in point, the bit where 18 year old Rusty asks his adoptive mother if its ok to pursue a homosexual relationship with a man half again his age (well 26 isn't exactly half again of 18 ... that would be 27). Why would the crime drama viewing audience wish to see a respected figure of authority advise on sexual issues and tacitly approve of such a dramatic age mismatch as well as a homosexual relationship?

    I want to be entertained, not trained.


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    Something Wrong

    By War_n, Jan 18, 2015

    I am seeing a contradiction between the posters and the number of thumbs down votes. The posters who say the Rusty has ruined the show (myself included) overwhelmingly outnumber those who like him, but most have more thumbs down than thumbs up. Looks to me that someone is stacking the thumb vote!

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