Major Dad

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Quotes (5)

  • Major John D. MacGillis: Well, maybe the Corps is a little touchy about our image, but you can hardly blame us. It hadn’t been that long ago people stopped spittin’ on us. And they think we love war. Polly, we hate war. Don’t you see? That’s why we do what we do. To keep that nightmare from ever happening again.

  • Polly Cooper: We play this game where we each say a good thing and a bad thing that happened today. Major John D. MacGillis: Oh, like the good thing that happened is I met this wonderful woman. The bad thing is she stabbed me in the back.

  • Polly Cooper: How would you characterize yourselves? Major John D. MacGillis: Warrior gods.

  • Major John D. MacGillis: Come at me. Polly Cooper: No thanks. Major John D. MacGillis: Why not? Polly Cooper: Nobody says come at me unless they’re going to pull something. Major John D. MacGillis: And how do you know that? Polly Cooper: You’re a Marine. You’re trained to pull something. And when you do, I’m afraid I’ll pull something. Major John D. MacGillis: So because I’m trained, you won’t attack? Polly Cooper: Mm-hmm. Peace Offensive?

  • Major John D. MacGillis: Tell me that didn’t happen, Lieutenant. Lt. Gene Holowachuk: It didn’t happen, sir. Major John D. MacGillis: It happened!

Notes (8)

  • This episode aired on a Sunday at 8:30PM.

  • This is the pilot episode

  • The 1st Season Finale.

  • The scenes involving Vice President Dan Quayle were actually filmed in his real-life office.

  • This episode reunites series star Gerald McRaney with his former Simon & Simon co-star Jameson Parker, who guest stars.

  • The 2nd Season Finale.

  • The 3rd Season Finale.

  • This was the (unintentional) series finale.

Trivia (1)

  • David Hayter, the man who plays Misha Sarotsky in this episode, is also well-known for lending his voice to Solid Snake in the Metal Gear Solid video games.