Make It or Break It

ABC Family (ended 2012)
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  • Make It or Break It is an ABC Family drama series that focuses on the lives of teen Olympic gymnastic hopefuls in training for the big event. The show, set in the world of competitive gymnastics, follows a group of gymnasts training at the top-notch Rocky Mountain Gymnastic Training Center, known as The Rock. While their individual skills make each of the four girls serious contenders at the Olympics, the group is continuously fraught with internal conflict that threatens to distract them from their goal. With the help of their tough but compassionate coach, Sasha Beloff, the gymnasts must overcome the drama and arguments to succeed. The cast includes Chelsea Hobbs as newcomer Emily Kmetko, Ayla Kell as Payson Keeler, Josie Loren as Kaylie Cruz, and Cassie Scerbo as Lauren Tanner. The Rock's manager, Summer, is played by Candace Cameron Bure. Rosa Blasi stars as Kaylie Cruz's mother Ronnie, a one-hit wonder from the 1980s, and Peri Gilpin from Frasier stars as Payson's mother, Kim Keeler.moreless

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  • S 3 : Ep 8

    United Stakes

    Aired 5/14/12

  • S 3 : Ep 7

    Truth Be Told

    Aired 5/7/12

  • S 3 : Ep 6

    Listen to the Universe

    Aired 4/30/12

  • S 3 : Ep 5

    Dream On

    Aired 4/23/12

  • S 3 : Ep 4

    Growing Pains

    Aired 4/16/12

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  • Peri Gilpin

    Kim Keeler

  • Candace Cameron


  • Susan Ward

    Chloe Kmetko

  • Chelsea Hobbs

    Emily Kmetko

  • Cassie Scerbo

    Lauren Tanner

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    • Emily: Mom, Nationals tryouts are tomorrow! Chloe: Tomorrow tomorrow?

    • Kaylie: It's so weird. All this work, and it can all be over in one weekend...

    • Marty: There's absolutely no dating during finals training. We catch you with a boy and you're out.

    • Lauren: (to Emily) You may have all these people fooled, but I have your number. You have no consistency. And I'm going to make sure you get buried in Boston!

    • Emily: (to the team doctor) Get out of my way, or you'll have to deal with my mother! Chloe Kmetko: I'd get out of her way...

    • Kim Keeler: Here comes Lauren on the beam. Mark Keeler: Is she as good as they say? Kim Keeler: No one should be able to do what she does on four inches of wood. (Mark Keeler chuckles knowingly)

    • Chloe Kmetko: (to Emily) I know I'm not going to win Mom of the Year, but you know I love you, right?

    • Kaylie: Ugh! I'm a butterball! I'm turning into Mary-freaking-Lou!

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    Notes (78)

    • Original International Air Dates: United Kingdom: Saturday, October 23, 2010 on E4/E4 HD

    • The show was originally called Perfect 10, but was changed to Make It or Break It.

    • Featured Music: -Leila - "To The Top" (Emily impresses on the floor) -Griffin House - "When the Time is Right" (while Emily is waiting for a ride) -Jordan McCoy - "Rockstar" (playing in Lauren's car when she pulls up to Kaylie's house) -Jupiter Rising - "Go!" (start of the competition) -Choklate - "Waitin'" (when Emily goes to set her own vaulting board) -Adrienne Pierce - "One Perfect Day" (Lauren screams at her dad and the girls leave) -Kevin Rudolf - "Let it Rock" (during the opening gymnastics montage at The Rock gym) -Kreesha Turner - "Passion" (while Lauren is on beam) -Sonny J - "Handsfree" (at the end of the first round of competition)

    • Original International Air Dates: United Kingdom: Saturday, October 30, 2010 on E4/E4 HD

    • Featured Music -Max Morgan - "Don't Stop" (in the car when the girls are driving to Denver) -Kate Tucker - "Everything Went Down" (in the car when the girls return from Denver) -Ryan Calhoun - "Who We Are" (while the girls are in their beds)

    • Original International Air Dates: United Kingdom: Saturday, November 6, 2010 on E4/E4 HD

    • Gymnastics Terms In This Episode: Schuschunova - Straddle jump to land in front lying support, usually done at the end of a tumbling pass. Ring Leap - A split leap with the back leg bent, foot up to the head, with head dropped back.

    • Featured Music: -I-94 - "Running the Show" (Emily talks to Razor and his band-mates at the party) -The Forward - "The Last Summer" (as Razor's band performs their first song at the party) -Eulogies - "Two Can Play" (Kaylie does her keg-stand and is confronted by Carter) -The Forward - "Russians" (while Leo's driving the girls home) -Brett Dennen - "Follow Your Heart" (Kaylie talks to Leo, and as Carter says goodbye to Lauren)

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    Trivia (30)

    • Brett Cullen, who plays Payson's father, Mark Keeler, also played a tyrannical gymnastics coach in the 1997 TV movie Perfect Body.

    • It was never revealed how Sasha found out about the girls going to the party.

    • In the scene with Emily and Damon at the Pizza Shack, Emily says that Damon is a songwriter but he gives Razor his songs to sing. But the only song we have seen Razor and Damon's band play is in episode 3 at the party and that song is originally called "The Last Summer" by The Forwards, so Damon couldn't have written that.

    • Candace Cameron, who plays Summer, has already played a Tanner. She played DJ Tanner on Full House. When her character becomes engaged to Lauren's dad, she comes close to playing a Tanner again.

    • At the beginning of Lauren's bar routine, the camera shows her father and Summer in the audience watching her. The extra sitting behind Summer is falling asleep!

    • It is revealed in this episode that Emily and her brother, Brian, have different fathers.

    • The Rock Nationals Ranking List: Beam: Lauren, Payson, Kaylie, Emily, Kim (alternate), Anne (alternate) Floor Exercise: Payson, Kaylie, Lauren, Emily, Brie (alternate), Kim (alternate) Uneven Bars: Payson, Kaylie, Emily, Lauren, Jade (alternate), Gina (alternate) Vault: Payson, Lauren, Kaylie, Emily, Kim (alternate), Robin (alternate)

    • This episode reveals Lauren's mother's name, Leslie Tanner.

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    Allusions (15)

    • Kaylie: I'm a butterball! I'm turning into Mary-freaking-Lou! Marylou Retton, the 1984 Olympic All-Around Champion, had a short and stocky build which made her look "heavy" for a gymnast by her coaches.

    • Steven Tanner: She's the one they found on a playground? Emily Kmetko being "discovered" at a playground is a reference to famous gymnast Nadia Comaneci (the first gymnast to score a perfect 10 in the Olympics) being found on a playground doing cartwheels in kindergarten by legendary coach, Bela Karolyi.

    • Chloe: Sometimes you get your peanut butter in your chocolate! This is referencing the Reeses Peanut Butter Cups commercials that ran in the mid-80s, featuring people accidentally getting peanut butter and chocolate mixed together and realizing that it's a great flavor combination. These commercials are based on the long-standing rumor that Reeses Peanut Butter Cups were invented in a simillar way back in the beginning of the 20th century.

    • Chloe: What would Carrie Bradshaw do? Carrie Bradshaw was one of the four main characters/narrator of the popular HBO series Sex and the City, which was about strong women doing what they needed to do in order to get what they wanted out of life.

    • Sasha: Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Ferris Bueller is the name of the main character in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, a coming of age comedy made in the '80s by John Hughes starring Matthew Broderick. The scene with Sasha is an allusion to the scene with Ben Stein in history class where he is calling attendance and Bueller isn't there, so he keeps repeating his name.

    • John Hughes John Hughes was a director who was most famous for a string of teenage coming-of-age "dramadies" in the '80s, the most popular ones being Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, and The Breakfast Club. Most of his films had climactic scenes at various high school formal dances, usually the prom. Hughes's movies always had happy feel-good endings for the main characters and have been criticized by many as being unrealistic because of this. Lauren says her assumptions of what prom will be like come from these movies, even mentioning Pretty in Pink by name.

    • "Save the Last Dance" is also the title of the Julia Stiles movie of the same name. It is also the title of a Michael Buble song.

    • Emily: That's Genji Cho?! She's looks like a little kid! The constant remarks made about the youth of the Chinese team in relation to The Rock girls is based on an on-going controversy about the actual ages of the girls on the Chinese team at the past three Olympic Games. Gymnasts must be 16 to compete in the Olympics or World Championships, and the Chinese team has been accused on more than one occasion of using under-age gymnasts, presumeably because of their fearlessness in competition. (China used to be known for having gymnasts that were inconsistent in competition and would psych themselves out of doing well.) Several former Chinese gymnasts have admitted to being too young to compete at previous competitions, so the International Olympic Committee has been investigating the matter for a few years now. China has had to give back the medals it won in the 2000 Olympic Games because it was discovered that some of the girls on the team were as young as 14.

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