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  • Bravo's newest competition reality series, Make Me A Supermodel where 7 guys and 7 girls share a house together in New York City and compete for $100,000, a contract for New York Model Management and a chance to be a Supermodel. In Season 1, Supermodels Niki Taylor and Tyson Beckford hosted, mentored and judged the models along with help from Cory Bautista and Jennifer Starr. Each week, viewers got to vote online and by phone to determine who got what it took and who didn't. Holly Kiser emerged victorious over all the other models to become the 1st Make Me A Supermodel Winner. Season 2, Tyson returns as host and mentor and is joined by Australian supermodel, Nicole Trunfio along with a a new panel of judges including world-renowned designer Catherine Malandrino, model Jenny Shimizu, famed photographer Perou and international model scout Marlon. This season there are now 8 guys & 8 girls being judged and there is now phone, online or text voting. The judges excuse themselves and discuss which models are in and which model is out. Make Me A Supermodel moves to Wednesday nights from Thursday and keeps its 10 pm slot.moreless

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  • Jonathan Waud

    Himself [Season 2]

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    Himself [Season 2]

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    Himself [Season 2]

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    Herself [Season 2]

  • Salome Steinmann

    Herself [Season 2]

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    • (After cutting the first 6 models) Tyson: Rejection is like getting kicked in the stomach. It hurts for a little bit but it will eventually pass.

    • (After watching the models do their first catwalks) Niki: A lot of them got really cheesy. They're throwing points at people and winking.

    • Shannon: Hello, my name's Shannon. One of the most interesting facts about me is that despite my extremely, feminine, physical appearance is that I'm actually a man. I'm one of the most masculine girls you'll ever meet. I'm like one of the boys.

    • Niki: We've been all over and you guys are the best of the best. Today is your day to shine. We're looking for someone who is comfortable with themselves. Someone who is really great in front of the camera. Someone who can really sell a product. So right now, we want to get to know you a little better because and not everybody is going to make it through the day. We do have to send some people home.

    • Tyson: Modeling is another form of acting because when you put those clothes on, you have to become those clothes. It's like a painting. You've got to start with a clean canvas and be able to build on and to know what paints to use to create a masterpiece.

    • (One of the interviewers asks about relationships) Ronnie Kroell: Oh, my God Relationships. The first relationship that was the longest was 3 years. I found out that my partner was a porn star. (Laughs) Interviewer: Shut up! Ronnie: And he was escorting on the side.

    • Igor Galijasevic: My name is Igor Galijasevic. I'm so busy. I do everything. Soccer. Guitar. Run around. School. Go to work. I'm all over the place. There's not enough hours in the day for me.

    • Niki Taylor: We went across America on a supermodel hunt. Our goal to find 7 guys and 7 girls to share house together in New York City. And compete for $100,000, a contract for New York models and a chance to be a supremodel.

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    • America had to choose the final guy and girl to join the top 14. They were: Ben Josiah Igor Katy Ashley Angelica

    • The 2nd round of 5 models that are eliminated from the 29 are: Devin Lauren Drew Heeda Derick

    • The 1st round 3 male & 3 female models that are eliminated from the 35 are: Rosaline Jared Dixie Yenier Eden Nicholas

    • Other models introduced were: Isabelle Dobroski Nicholas Boyd Heeda McCauley Yenier Leyva

    • The bottom 3 for this week are: Katy Sarah Dominic

    • Holly is named the winner for the week with the best catwalk run and photo shoot.

    • The 7 models that were safe and didn't come back on the runway were: Ronnie Stephanie Frankie Jay Aryn Ben Casey

    • The 7 models that are brought out on the catwalk are: Holly Perry Shannon Sarah Katy Jacki Dominic

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    • Ben reveals that New Orleans is his hometown.

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