Make Me A Supermodel

Hanging From the Rafters

Season 1, Ep 3, Aired 1/17/08
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  • Episode Description
  • This episode features the 13 remaining Supermodels learning confidence and movement in an uncomfortable set up while being suspended from the ceiling in wires iin an attempt to walk with fun and attitude while working with New York's vibrant label, Heatherette.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Niki Taylor


  • Tyson Beckford


  • Stephanie Bulger


  • Ronnie Kroell


  • Perry Ullmann


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    • Tyson: Dominic. This catwalk was about having fun. You still came across stiff, bro. Jay. For the 2nd week in a row, your photo is at the bottom of pile and you still haven't stepped it up yet, man. Ben. It's week 2 and you're still holding back. To be a Supermodel, you have to be confident. Katy. We've given you a new look, a new hairstyle and you're still bring us the same ole Katy. You've been here before.

    • Niki: Aryn. You have shown the most improvement this week. Your picture can be in any magazine. Well done! Jacki. With you this week, it has been consistently great work. A confident shoot and a brilliant catwalk. Well done! Ronnie. You walked out of that salon and into a new and elegant you. We are truly impressed.

    • Niki: Katy. America voted last week for you to stay. Which 3 models do you want to see go up for the vote and why? Katy: Dom because I feel like he really hasn't progressed that much. Casey. I feel his walk hasn't really improved. But I know he has been trying so hard. He really is. And then I guess I would say Aryn because I just feel like her self confidence at home is not the same as it is out here.

    • Niki: Ronnie. How are you settling into the house? Ronnie: I'm loving the house. I'm really feeling at home. You know, I miss my folks. Tyson: Who do you have a crush on, Ronnie? (Ronnie laughs) Come on. I know there's some romance in the house. Who you got eyes for? (Ronnie puts his arm around Ben) Isn't that your roommate? Cory: Oh my God! What is your wife going to say? Niki: Bosom buddies! Cory: Right. More like prison buddies.

    • Richi Rich: Our brand, Heatherette is all about fun, action, personality. Like Hollywood and New York. Kind of like living the dream. The whole thing. Being who you are but playing a role as well. Very theatrical. Kind of like a rock concert.

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    Notes (11)

    • This is the 2nd week in a row that Katy & Dominic are in the bottom 3. They were both previously in the bottom in Welcome to New York.

    • Dominic's number for this week to save him is: 1-866-I-Want-03 or 1-866-492-6803 or text 3 to 51555.

    • Ben's number for this week to save him is: 1-866-I-Want-02 or 1-866-492-6802 or text 2 to 51555.

    • Katy's number for this week to save her is: 1-866-I-Want-01 or 1-866-492-6801 or text 1 to 51555.

    • The bottom 3 for this week are: Katy Ben Dominic

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