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  • S 4 : Ep 22

    Three of Club

    Aired 5/22/00

  • S 4 : Ep 21

    Mid-Wife Crisis

    Aired 5/15/00

  • S 4 : Ep 20

    Double Play

    Aired 5/8/00

  • S 4 : Ep 19

    Moving Violations

    Aired 5/1/00

  • S 4 : Ep 18

    Buddy's Ashes

    Aired 4/10/00

  • Cast & Crew
  • Eddie Griffin

    Eddie Sherman

  • Malcolm-Jamal Warner

    Malcolm McGee

  • Karen Malina White

    Nicolette Vandross (episodes 4-89)

  • Jaime Cardriche

    Tim (seasons 1-2)

  • Tucker Smallwood


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  • Malcolm McGee (Malcolm-Jamal Warner) is a responsible and sensible 20-something who ends up sharing a Kansas City apartment and a business venture with relentlessly enthusiastic tow truck owner Eddie Sherman (Eddie Griffin). A fast talker with outlandish frenetic energy, Eddie's charming schemes always seems to get the two into hot water. But no matter what the situation, these opposites always end up bailing each other out -- even if they drive each other crazy. When the guys unexpectedly became recipients of a considerable sum of money, Malcolm and Eddie decided to buy not only the old Irish pub below their apartment, but the entire building, including Eddie's garage, as an investment. As new bar owners, the guys gave the place a facelift by turning it into a sports bar and renaming it McGee's. There, they hang out with local regulars, including Tim (Jaime Cardriche), a gentle giant working as a male nurse, and Nicolette (Karen Malina White), the motor-mouth police academy cadet with a love-crazed obsession for Eddie. As Malcolm manages McGee's and Eddie tries to bolster his fledging one-man/one-truck towing operation into a fleet, success for these two could be as simple as staying out of trouble.moreless

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    • Eddie: (sung to the theme from Sanford and Son) Fred Sanford, Fred Sanford had a son, and a truck, and a son named Lamont.

    • (after Malcolm opens his car door and accidentally hits it into one of Eddie's tool chests) Malcolm: Oh Eddie, look at that, you put a dent in my door. Eddie: That ain't a dent, that's a ding. Malcolm: No a ding is what you get on a game show for answering a question right, that is a dent.

    • Eddie: Check this out, Holly told me on a good night she makes about $100.00 in tips. Malcolm: Well I can explain that... look at her, and look at you. Eddie: That's something for the fellas, I'm something for the honeys.

    • Malcolm: Hey yo Eddie, man... having this party was a good idea man, I may actually be getting someplace with Holly. Eddie: Well you better be getting someplace with her quick, cause you got to be at work in five minutes Mister. Malcolm: What? Eddie: Five. Malcolm: Ah man, I didn't even have a chance to sleep. Eddie: Cinco.

    • Eddie: I know I know, but I was at the liquor store, and you know how long them lines can get, and I dozed off, and the new numbers came to me in a dream. Malcolm: (reading the numbers off of the lottery ticket) 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30... Who were you dreaming about, your third grade teacher?

    • Eddie: And I can get you Prince. Malcolm: Prince. (laughs) What Prince? Not the artist formally known as. Eddie: No Prince Charles with them big ears, breeze hit him, just blow him across the room... Of course I am talking about the artist formally known as. Malcolm: Oh well great, maybe you can get Whitney Houston to open for him. Eddie: No I can get you Prince... Tell you right now, Whitney ain't gonna do it.

    • Tim: See, let me explain something Malcolm... I don't use this great size for intimidation... Just for loving.

    • Julia: Eddie, I am not fourteen years old anymore, I do not need a chaperone. Eddie: Your right your right, you've grown. You know what you need? You need a pit bull, some pepper spray, and a stun gun.

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    Notes (35)

    • At the station, Malcolm plays Rose Royce's hit song, "Car Wash."

    • This is the first appearance of the character Nicolette, portrayed by Malcolm-Jamal Warner's former co-star from The Cosby Show, Karen Malina White.

    • Montell Jordan performs his hit song "I Like."

    • A sign hangs on the wall of Kellys for Murphy's Irish Stout.

    • This show is dedicated to the memory of Jason Bernard.

    • The members in the Musical Combo were: George Duke Clarence Johnston John Heard Teddy Edwards

    • Eddie performs Sammy Davis, Jr's song, "I've Gotta Be Me."

    • Eddie plays a song by Barry White in the garage.

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    Trivia (10)

    • While doing the celebrity wake up calls Eddie impersonates Mike Tyson and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Malcolm impersonates Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bill Cosby. In the deleted scenes/bloopers airing during the episode's end credits Eddie impersonates The Godfather, Col. Jessep from A Few Good Men, a Munchkins from The Wiz, and Tony Montana from Scarface.

    • Goof: When Malcolm arrives home from work and goes into his room to go to sleep, he can't because Tim is asleep in his bed, but shortly after Malcolm goes to Kelly's and Tim is already there.

    • Costumes worn at the party were: Eddie: Eddie Murphy in Vampire in Brooklyn and in Eddie Murphy Delirious. Malcolm: A pirate. Tim: The Empire State Building. Bridget: Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Nicolette: Quasimodo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Holly: A werewolf. Tina: A leopard. Others included: A genie, clown, zombie, bunny, scarecrow, and witch.

    • Malcolm and Eddie cover up Milton's body because they believe that if the health inspector saw it, he would shut Kellys down. However, a day or two later, the health inspector attends Milton's funeral (with the casket on bar stools) at Kellys, and has no issue.

    • Signs held up in the crowd waiting outside of the bar read: "Bill 3:16," "Hi John London & The House Party," and "Save the Chiefs."

    • The bar sign's and waitress' outfits now all say Malcolm McGee's instead of Kellys or Malcolm McGoo's.

    • Eddie says he has 4,773 hats.

    • When Malcolm says that he and Eddie need a commercial, Eddie sings a song about himself to the tune of the Sanford and Son theme song. Eddie sung a song about Fred Sanford to the tune of it as well in the "Pilot" episode.

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    Allusions (11)

    • Malcolm: You know, back home, everyone used to confuse me with Ahmad Rashad... I just wish I could meet his wife. This is alluding to Phylicia Rashad, who played Malcolm-Jamal Warner's mother on The Cosby Show for 8 years.

    • Malcolm: (doing a celebrity wake up call) This is Bill Cosby, wake up or I'll put Jell-O pudding pops in your pajamas, you'll see. This is alluding to Bill Cosby's (who played Malcolm-Jamal Warner's father on The Cosby Show for 8 years) 1980s Jell-O pudding commercials.

    • Malcolm: Goodnight John Boy. This was the famous phrase said at the end of episodes of the 1970s hit television series, The Waltons.

    • Eddie: Hey you want to get some Jell-O Pudding ah ha ha. Eddie is impersonating Bill Cosby, in the famous 1980s Jell-O commercials.

    • Episode Title: "The Boy Who Cried Werewolf" This alludes to the famous fable, "The Boy Who Cried Wolf," a story about a young shepherd boy who entertains himself by yelling wolf. People come to the boy's rescue repeatedly, but each time find that he is tricking them. Eventually a wolf does appear, and when he cries for help, no one comes to his aid, believing that once again he is fooling them.

    • In the crowd of people standing outside of the bar, a man holds up an orange sign that reads "Hi John London & The House Party." This is alluding to the popular 1990s Los Angeles morning hip-hop radio show, John London and the House Party.

    • (when looking at the TV screen that reads "Alleged Bombers" and shows high school graduation pictures of Eddie, Tom, and Malcolm) Eddie: You know, you look like Theo Huxtable. This alludes to Malcolm-Jamal Warner's role as Theo Huxtable, which he played on The Cosby Show for 8 years.

    • Episode Title: "Hai Karate" Hai Karate was a popular cheap cologne that was sold until the 1980s. Originally, each bottle came with a miniature self-defense manual, so the men who wore it could defend themselves from all of the women the cologne would attract.

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  • Why do all black comedies have dancing?

    By Kon-Kai, Apr 12, 2008

  • The episode had some funny moments, the attack of the Hybrid cars was funny.

    By 4thhokagesama, Jun 20, 2006

  • The show follows the adventures of Malcolm Mcgee and Eddie Sherman. They are a tag team duo who live in Kansas City together sharing an apartment. However as close as these two are they get into hysterical situations and end up owning a bar.

    By DaVulture, Jul 08, 2005

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