Hate Thy Neighbor

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  • 9.5

    A favorite classic episodes of two feuding Neigbors

    that act childish

    By cjm77, Apr 28, 2006

    This episode is one of my favorite episodes of the series

    because it was very well written about two adult neighbors

    that have had a fued for the last 30 years or so. Mama and

    Fred Gebhart have fought for years over a misunderstanding

    and when Bubba takes an interest in his blond flakey granddaughter Teri and then gets engaged to her then the feud gets worse and Fred and Mama

    fight even more by sticking out their tongues at each other and calling each other childish names, then Fred tries to call a truce then Bubba and Teri start fighting about their honeymoon then Fred Gebhart and Mama start fighting like children all over again but I thought this episode was written extremely well and it's funny to watch two grown adults act like two kids. Everytime I see this episode I laugh my self silly, it's worth watching.moreless

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  • 9.0

    Bubba Dates A Painted-Up Floozy

    By CelebrityWork, Aug 18, 2005

    Feisty Thelma is at it again: her neighbor, Fred Gebhart, is cleaning his lawn and blowing the leaves on to Thelma's. This fuzes a verbal rampage between the two sworn enemies:

    Thelma: "Blow back where you came from, you good-for-nothing Gebhardt!"

    Fred: "Listen you hideous Harper! If you trim your tree once in a while, we wouldn't have this problem!"

    Thelma: "Yeah, well if you trim your nose hairs once in a while, you wouldn't gross out the whole neighborhood!"

    Things get even worse when Bubba announces he is dating Fred's beautiful blonde granddaughter Terri (Heidi Kozak). Thelma and Fred go ballistic when Bubba and Terri stay out past curfew.

    Thelma: "Don't you go blaming this on Bubba! He's never given me a moment's trouble until he took up with that teenage jezebel of yours!"

    Fred: "I'll have you know I sent her to a good convent school!"

    Thelma: "That painted-up floozy? Which one was it, Our Lady of Revlon?"

    When Bubba announces that he and Terri are engaged, this throws their grandparents into a frenzy. Luckily, a disagreement on where they want to honeymoon causes the two to break off their engagement.

    Vicki Lawrence is flawless as usual as the ever-cranky Thelma, and she really lets Fred have it! Scream Queen Heidi Kozak, as ditzy Terri, has great chemistry with Bubba - they're an adorable couple of dimwits.moreless

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