Man in a Suitcase

ITV (ended 1968)
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  • Episode Guide
  • S 1 : Ep 30

    Night Flight to Andorra

    Aired 4/17/68

  • S 1 : Ep 29

    Castle in the Clouds

    Aired 4/10/68

  • S 1 : Ep 28

    Three Blinks of the Eye

    Aired 4/3/68

  • S 1 : Ep 27

    Who's Mad Now?

    Aired 3/27/68

  • S 1 : Ep 26

    The Revolutionaries

    Aired 3/20/68

  • Cast & Crew
  • Richard Bradford


  • Donald Sutherland (I)


  • T. P. McKenna


  • Peter Vaughan

    Felix de Burgh

  • John Carson

    John Gilsen

  • show Description
  • Welcome to the Man in a Suitcase guide at in a Suitcase was filmed in and around Pinewood Studios and on location in London during 1966/7. A rough, tough adventure series, which, thanks to the strength, charisma and capability of the leading player, Texan method actor, Richard Bradford, still continues to enthral and entertain audiences today.McGill is a no nonsense hero, an ex-CIA Agent unjustly accused of treason by his own people. Subsequently he is compelled to travel the world making his living in the harsh and sometimes terrifying world of a modern-day bounty hunter.Man in a Suitcase was an ITC production for ITC World Wide.The complete series is now available on DVD: from Network DVD in the UK and Umbrella DVDs in Australia.moreless

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  • Quotes (53)

    • (After cautiously eating a meal prepared by his captors, McGill discovers that they have still managed to drug him…) McGill: Well what do you know… They put it in the salt!

    • John: How's London? Still swinging? McGill: Oh yeah, like a pendulum do!

    • McGill: That's a real uniform I take it?

    • Moira: Do you get threatened every day?
      McGill: Just Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.
      Moira: Today's Friday.

    • McGill: I'm the wrong guy to get attached to, Moira.
      Moira: Why?
      McGill: I've told you why.
      Moira: Well, I'm unimpressed.
      McGill: I wasn't trying to impress you.

    • Willard: Sorry I got plastered. It just sorta… happens.
      McGill: It happens a lot?
      Willard: Yeah.
      McGill: Why do you think that is?
      Willard: I'm a coward. Don't you remember?
      McGill: Drinking make you brave?
      Willard: Just more… tolerant.

    • Jarvis: (to McGill) Well, of course somebody wants to kill you. I've had the impulse myself. I must say it'd be better if you were already dead, I'd sense a story in that.

    • McGill: Let's get out of here, we're never going to get waited on.
      Jarvis: The impatient American.
      McGill: And there's a very nice little steakhouse just across the street.
      Jarvis: I loathe steak.
      McGill: Well, have some kidney pie.
      Jarvis: My dear fellow, you've got a deal.

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    Notes (127)

    • International Airdates:
      US: May 10, 1968 on ABC

    • "Man in a Suitcase" made its debut on pre-recorded video format in 1992, when ITC released the episode "Brainwash" coupled with "Man From the Dead" (Catalogue # 1571). It was reissued in 2000 by Carlton on both video (Catalogue # 30074 20923) and DVD (Catalogue # 37115 00773).

    • Colin Blakely (John) was just one of the notable guest stars who appeared in more than one episode playing different characters. He also cropped up in "The Whisper", as Father Loyalo, a Jesuit Priest.

    • This is Richard Bradford's favourite episode.

    • Buckinghamshire locations - Heatherden Hall Gardens at Pinewood Studios and Denham Golf Club Station, Denham.

    • The pre-recorded video of "The Sitting Pigeon" coupled with "Which Way Did He Go, McGill?" was released by ITC in 1992 (Catalogue # 1572). It was reissued in 2000 by Carlton this time with the episode "Day of Execution" (Catalogue # 30074 20933).

    • David Garfield (Baxter) was also in the episode "The Girl Who Never Was", in which he played the role of Bateson.

    • One time Tony nominated actor James Grout (Franklyn) said that he learnt a lot about screen acting through working with Richard Bradford.

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    Trivia (26)

    • At the Police Station (location used - Brixton Police Station) we see the Officer and McGill mounting the stairs to the headquarters. It is not Richard Bradford in this scene, but a double, sporting a grey wig!

    • When McGill is picked up by the Police, their squad cars registration number is 649CLC, by the time it reaches the Police Station it has changed to XYU464.

    • When McGill goes to the dry-cleaning shop, the address listed for him is 56 Chive Mansions, SW3. However, later when the postcard comes to his address, the listing shown is Kingston Court, SW 7.

    • In the photographs, the dead man's right arm is extended almost straight. However, in the flashback, it is curled and almost touching the corpse's head.

    • When the postman pushes the postcard through the slot, it has an address and a postage stamp on the visible side. However, when McGill picks it up and reads the other side, the first side is blank.

    • After McGill gets his suit from the mobile cleaner, he notices from the name inside that it does not belong to him. In an effort to catch the cleaner to inform him of the mistake, he quickly gets changed into a brown suit with a black/dark blue polo neck sweater in order to pursue him. Outside the apartment the sweater has changed colour to light brown. (Note from Ed. Special thanks to John Robinson for spotting this mistake)

    • At the end of 'Variation' part one we see McGill shooting off his gun yet no smoke is seen coming from the pistols barrel. In 'Variation' part two when they recap on the important scenes from the previous episode, we see the same scene with McGill's pistol, but this time we see smoke coming from the barrel.

    • Mr Mandel picks up a photograph of his wayward daughter, Sue (Judy Geeson) to show McGill. The shot is a medium length picture of a girl with long dark hair (possibly a model). When McGill takes the photograph from him and looks at it we see a different still altogether - a close up portrait shot of Judy Geeson as Sue.

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  • Richard Bradford was born to play McGill! He gave him depth, strength, credibility and, in my opinion, he created the best cult TV action hero of them all!

    By sharmantowers, Apr 28, 2007


    By Jim195o, Sep 13, 2005

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