The Knight Reborn: Ian's Revenge!

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Quotes (1)

  • Phantom (to Ian): From this day forth, you shall be a Knight. Ian (to the other Knights): Know this, one of you Twelve Knights stole something precious to me. And when I find out who did it, I'm going to destroy them. Even if that person is you Phantom. And I will be fighting in the next battle of the War Games (Ian then takes his leave). Peta: It appears that Ian has made some progress after all. I'm surprised. I fully expected him to die inside that Training Gate and never comeback out again. Phantom: Because of him, we now know the quickest way for human subjects to become stronger. Hatred and bitterness. Well Ginta, I trust that you will enjoy your next match. I'll be watching you.

Notes (3)

  • Toonami Jetstream Airdate: December 17, 2007

  • Japanese Title: The Reborn Night, Ian's Revenge!

  • Rapunzel dies in this episode. She is killed by Ian who afterwards usurps her knighthood.