Marcus Welby, M.D.

Trivia, Quotes, Notes and Allusions

Quotes (2)

  • (At the beginning of a scene, after Dr. Kiley and Dr. Welby explain to twin sister "Jan" that her badly burned sister "June" needs a skin graft and that Jan is the best donor candidate.) Jan: (outraged) She wants my skin?

  • talking to Davey at the hospital about why he thinks Davey doesn't want to die Dr. Welby: Death for most of us comes all to soon.

Notes (2)

  • This episode is known as ASPECTS OF LOVE

  • Robert Young (Dr. Marcus Welby), James Brolin (Dr. Steven Kiley) & Elena Verdugo (Counselo Lopez) are the only actors to appear in every episode of the series.

Trivia (8)

  • Dr. Welby has been in practice 28 years.

  • Durring the war Marc was in the Navy and worked stateside with burn victims.

  • Dr. Kiley's sister worked at a dance studio to help him through medical school.

  • Dr. Welby is allergic to rabbits.

  • Dr. Webly was a heart patient.

  • Consuelo used to pitch for a girls baseball team.

  • Consuelo has a younger sister.

  • Marc tells Eric that his wife died while pregnant with there second child at 38 due to blood loss.