Married to the Kellys

ABC (ended 2004)
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  • S 1 : Ep 23

    Kansas v. Tom's Parents

    Aired 4/23/04

  • S 1 : Ep 22

    The Good Son-in-Law

    Aired 4/16/04

  • S 1 : Ep 21

    The Plan

    Aired 3/26/04

  • S 1 : Ep 20

    The Other Sister

    Aired 3/19/04

  • S 1 : Ep 19

    Talk Radio

    Aired 3/12/04

  • Cast & Crew
  • Sam Anderson

    Bill Kelly

  • Nancy Lenehan

    Sandy Kelly

  • Breckin Meyer

    Tom Wagner

  • Kiele Sanchez

    Susan Wagner

  • Derek Waters

    Lewis Kelly

  • show Description
  • Producer Tom Hertz (Spin City, Less Than Perfect) loosely based this comedy on his own true life experiences. The sitcom centers on New York loner Tom (Breckin Meyer, Clueless) who was raised as an only child. When he marries Susan (Kiele Sanchez, That Was Then), a woman raised in the Mid-West by a large family, they move to Kansas to be closer to them and he has to quickly adjust to life with a big, caring family. When Tom married Susan he thought he was only getting a new wife. He never even considered that he would be getting a brand new family as well. Included in this new family are mother Sandy, the rule-maker of the house, and father Bill, once an only child himself he could be the one person Tom could relate to the most. There's also Susan's competetive sister Mary and her husband Chris, who considers himself Bill and Sandy's favorite son-in-law and finds Tom as somewhat of a threat. And finally there's Susan's brother Lewis, a shy and awkward young man who has made a career of collecting bugs. Other family members who occasionally dropped by included Uncle Dave, the big-shot of the family, and Lisa, the youngest daughter who wants to back-pack around Europe and become an art major. When Married to the Kellys premiered Fridays at 8:30pm/7:30 central during ABC's fall 2003 season, it aired after George Lopez, where ABC brought back it's famed TGIF block along with the new Kelly Ripa comedy Hope & Faith and Life with Bonnie. Originally bought by ABC as The Untitled Tom Hertz Project the show needed a quick title in order for the series to be promoted in time for the network to unveil its new line-up. So they decided on the tentative title Back to Kansas. Although the series does take place in Kansas the title didn't quite work since the main character isn't really returning to Kansas (his wife is) and the show wasn't really about the wife's "return" to Kansas but more about the entire Kelly family and the main character's efforts in trying to fit into a new situation. The show soon acquired the more appropriate and fitting title Married to the Kellys. An interesting fact about the show is that Tom Hertz didn't just use real life situations as inspiration for this sitcom, he also used real life family members. All the characters in the series were named after Tom, his wife and his in-laws (with the exception of Lewis). Married to the Kellys also starred Josh Braaten (That '80s Show), Nancy Lenehan (Grace Under Fire), Emily Rutherfurd (The Ellen Show, Van Wilder), Sam Anderson (Angel) and newcomer Derek Waters. TGIF Lineup (2003-2004) ------ George Lopez - 8:00pm Married to the Kellys - 8:30pm Hope & Faith - 9:00pm Life with Bonnie - 9:30pm Broadcast History ------ October 2003 - March 2004 Fridays, 8:30 PM April 2004 Fridays, 9:30pm International ------ Australia - Network Seven Weekdays at 11:30am Awards ------ PTC's 2004 Seal of Approval ---------- Official ABC Press Release: "Back to Kansas" (working title -- half-hour comedy, Fridays at 8:30 p.m., ET) -- In Tom's marriage to Susan Kelly, everything is relative. Everything. Tom, an only child, quickly learns that Susan's family is not only larger-than-life... it's larger than most. Now his toughest challenge is fitting in without freaking out. Tom and Susan moved from New York to Kansas to be closer to the quirky, tight-knit Kellys. But it's a little too close for Tom's comfort. The in-jokes, the family quirks... every get-together tests Tom's nerves, but nothing compares to his worst nightmare ‚ game night. From befriending Susan's weird, bug-collecting brother to schmoozing with her smug, condescending uncle, Tom tries his best to become one of the family... whether he likes it or not. From exec-producer Brad Grey ("The Sopranos," "Just Shoot Me") comes a family-sized comedy with a super-sized heart. It's the show about a mild-mannered guy discovering that in a big family, it's all for one... and every man for himself. ---------- Other recommendations: Dharma and Greg - A man from a sophisticated, upper-class family marries a woman from a caring, free-spirited family. Gilmore Girls - A woman from an upper-class family raises her daughter in a small town full of quirky, down-to-earth residents.moreless

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (52)

    • Tom (About his bug-collecting brother-in-law): Golf is a hobby. Bugs are part of a serial killer profile.

    • Tom: How long does it take to get over that out-of-place feeling? Bill: Seven to ten years. Tom: When you said move, I thought you meant from the Village to the Upper West Side. Not to, you know, America.

    • Bill: A family's kind of like quicksand. The more you struggle, the deeper you sink. Tom: What if you don't struggle? Bill: You still sink.

    • Tom: (About Lewis) The only thing we have in common is awkward silence and if I talk to him, we lose THAT.

    • Tom: Can I get you a... Uncle Dave: Some fruit salad, no, thank you, sir. Tom: Honey, I need an allen wrench and someone who knows how to use an allen wrench. Lewis: Man, your razor shaves a lot closer than mine. Lewis: Uncle Dave, would your mustache like some more guacomole? Chris: Yeah, mmm, pit....pit....stem?

    • Bill: Hey, it's almost time for Jeopardy. Lewis: What is...AWESOME!

    • Susan: I thought you didn't care what the guys thought? Tom: I don't. Susan: Good. You shouldn't. Tom: D-Train don't care about nobody.

    • Tom: I thought I told you not to tell anyone. Susan: I tried, but it was too good. So, I called Aunt Viola in Clay County. Mary: Then Aunt Viola told me and I told Mom. Sandy: Wait, I told Aunt Viola and she acted like she didn't know. Shari: I have bugs to other bugs.

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    Notes (54)

    • During the dinner scene, Dave asked Tom if the Jews were the ones who killed the Lord. Not only did it make Middle-Americans seem ignorant but it also offended many of the TV critics so the line was written out when the pilot was reshot.

    • This version of the pilot had different opening titles which used the split-screen technique to show Tom growing up in New York on one side of the screen and Susan growing up in Kansas on the other side. Eventually we see them meeting for the first time as adults in a bar. Some of the footage of Young Tom ended up being used in the titles that made it to TV.

    • Originally Tom and Susan's new Kansas home was a small apartment. It's also stated that they have been together for two years.

    • The original pilot was taped on April 29, 2003.

    • Kiele Sanchez and Josh Braaten later went on to play a couple in the pilot episode of The WB's Modern Men.

    • Throughout the entire series Chris and Mary's last name was never revealed.

    • Buffy fans may recognize at least half of the cast. Richard Riehle played Buffy's original watcher in the episode "Becoming." Nancy Lenehan played Joyce's friend Pat in the episode "Dead Man's Party." Josh Braaten played Anya's demon ex-boyfriend Torg in the episode "Showtime." And Sam Anderson had a recurring role as Holland Manners, the head of the evil law firm Wolfram & Hart, in the Buffy spin-off Angel.

    • Fact or Fiction: -Lewis is mostly fictional which is why he's the only character not named after a real person. In real life Susan's younger brother is actually called John. -In the show Lewis has a fascination with entomology but in real life Chris is the one who is interested in entomology. -Tom Hertz isn't actually an only child. He has one brother.

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    Trivia (7)

    • Ovoviviparous means producing living young from eggs that hatch within the body, not insects without a larval stage.

    • If Mary is still writing her dissertation, it would be hard for her to already have been promoted to associate professor.

    • When Bill is sitting in the chair, the newspaper is in his pocket and you can see the word "Sun". Later the paper is flipped differently, then it is back to the "Sun".

    • Depending on the camera shot the painting behind the Kelly's table, at 'Mario's', changes

    • The boom mic is visible at the top of the screen when everyone first arrives at Chris and Mary's party.

    • Continuity: As Tom stops the playback of the sound bite Lewis recorded the CD player opens. In the next shot we see the CD player, it's closed.

    • After the charades game, Susan gets up and stands next to Lisa but then in a close-up of Tom, Susan's shoulder is visible on the far left indicating that she's still sitting right next to him on the couch. In the next shot she's seen standing next to Lisa again.

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    Allusions (3)

    • Painting: The Van Gogh
      There really is a giant van Gogh painting in Goodland, Kansas, the hometown of the real Bill Kelly.

    • Lewis: I thought of a way I could help you solve your problem. Road trip.
      Lewis convinces Tom to take a road trip in an effort to help him with his problem. In the 2000 Todd Phillips comedy Road Trip Breckin Meyer also played a man whose friends convince him to take a road trip in an effort to help him with his problem.

    • Tony Gonzalez: "that pushing off call"
      When the Kansas City Chiefs played Indianapolis in the play-offs, Tony Gonzalez was called for pushing off, which cancelled his touch down catch. The Chiefs ended up losing the game 38-31.

  • Fan Reviews (5)
  • A comedy of a young man who's gotten married and his novel published. Things are going his way until his missus--who's actually a native of Kansas) wants to move back to her native state.

    By SURFUR, Apr 07, 2010

  • Breckin Meyer plays a writer who follows his wife to her small town home and attempts to acclimate to his weird in-laws and small town ways.

    By aesgaard41, Nov 07, 2007

  • I still miss it.

    By LittlePaws, Mar 24, 2006

  • 50 words max huh? No reason in the world this show should have been canned and Gina and Gina or whatever that other show on ABC is that airs in its place.

    By justliam, Sep 06, 2005

  • By dfox227, Jun 18, 2005

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