Married... With Children

A Three Job, No Income Family

Season 3, Ep 14, Aired 3/19/89
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  • Episode Description
  • Peg begins selling Patty Bright cosmetics so she can satisfy her shopping addiction, and receives commission checks that are bigger than Al's pay check. Al feels emasculated by the situation, and secretly takes a second job at a fast food joint.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Katey Sagal

    Peg Bundy

  • David Garrison

    Steve Rhoades

  • Christina Applegate

    Kelly Bundy

  • David Faustino

    Bud Bundy

  • Ed O'Neill

    Al Bundy

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    • Captain: You didn't make the noise, Bundy.
      Al: (to the microphone) Whoosh!

    • Al: You see, Pookie, since you're the only one buying your cosmetics, you're not making any money. Peggy: Oh, yes I am. They send me checks. Al: Ah yes, but you send them much bigger ones. And that's what we call in the world of business "sending your husband rocketing to the poor house!" Why didn't you sell any make-up, Peg? Peggy: Well, like I told the girls, it's not very good. Al: Then why did you keep buying it? Peggy: Because that's how I make my money!

    • Al: How does she do it, Steve? How can she make more money than a man who sells shoes AND burgers?? Steve: Al, I made more than you losing a tooth when I was a kid. Al: (waving a fist at him) Well, how would you like a fortune tonight, Steve!? I can't believe it. She can't sell more than me! Her customers must be morons. A list of idiots like that could be really worth a fortune to a good salesman. Damn, I wish I could find that list! Steve: Well, maybe there's a clue in this book that says "Peggy's Customers."

    • Captain: You pulled another burger boner. Al: What did I do, send one out hot?

    • Captain: Beam me up a burger, Bundy, warp speed. Al: People out there dying for kangaroo, huh? Captain: That's right, tell the world, Bundy.

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    • In the episode, Al works at Burger Trek. Furthermore, he is required to go "whoosh" when the burgers are delivered through the shoot. This is a take off of Star Trek, where the doors make a whooosh sound when they open and close

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