Married... With Children

The Dateless Amigo

Season 3, Ep 19, Aired 5/7/89
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  • Episode Description
  • Bud tries to find a girl who will date him when both of his friends have dates. Meanwhile, Al is inspired to become an inventor after tripping over his garbage cans in the dark.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Katey Sagal

    Peg Bundy

  • David Garrison

    Steve Rhoades

  • Christina Applegate

    Kelly Bundy

  • David Faustino

    Bud Bundy

  • Ed O'Neill

    Al Bundy

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  • Quotes (6)

    • Bud: The day I stoop low enough to date a mannequin... is the day I truly earn the name Bundy.

    • Steve: Al said he has some great news and I've got a 70-dollar bottle of champagne and a 10-dollar bottle of wine. (holds up the champagne) Are you moving away? Peggy: No. Steve: Alrighty. (gives the champagne bottle to Marcy) Are you going on a very extended vacation? Peggy: No. Steve: Alrighty. (gives the wine bottle to Marcy) Well, if the news is good enough, I still have a chiclet in my pocket that we can divi up. Marcy: Now Steve, Peggy may think that we don't like them. (holds up champagne) Is Al going to prison?

    • Al: You know Peg, you could just put a straw in my ear and that way you could suck the life from me. Peggy: You know I would but there's just not enough room in there for a straw and your finger. Al: Oh I love you too my little ice pick in the eye. (Bud comes down the stairs with two of his friends) Guys, step back and take a good look at your future.

    • Peggy: God, what a lump of sour milk my life is, that I'm actually looking forward to a shoe convention. Al: Well, I'm not. Just another place to remind me of my failures. You know, work, home. Peggy: The bedroom. Al: You're always there for me when I'm down, aren't you babe? Peggy: Oh, I'm nothing special. Just a wife. Al: You claim.

    • Kelly: Bud, look at yourself. Face the ugly truth. They don't have woods deep enough to grow the kind of girls that would be willing to date you. I mean, maybe you're aiming too high. You know, a live girl. See, your problem is, you've got caviar taste and a pizza face. Aim a little lower. Hey, logs can't run away! And then there's the dead. You know, a girl who's been dead long enough might even think that you're a good catch. Hey, I know, how about a nice department store mannequin? I mean, they're used to being undressed by sexless boys. Bud: Thanks for the help, Bleached Blanket Bimbo. Kelly: They may call me bimbo, but at least they call me.

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    Notes (1)

    • Bud's mannequin's name in this episode is Monique.

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