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  • Martha is a dog who, upon eating alphabet soup, can speak! Based on Susan Meddaugh's children's books, this show aims to teach young children new words as Martha communicates with her best friend, ten-year-old Helen.

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  • S 6 : Ep 16

    We're Powerless

    Aired 11/18/14

  • S 6 : Ep 15

    Martha's Holiday Surprise

    Aired 11/18/14

  • S 6 : Ep 14

    The Mystery of the Missing Dinosaur

    Aired 11/17/14

  • S 6 : Ep 13

    Martha's Sweater

    Aired 11/17/14

  • S 6 : Ep 12

    Martha Questions

    Aired 6/18/14

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  • Tabitha St. Germain


  • Alex Ferris


  • Vanesa Tomasino


  • Madeleine Peters


  • Christina Crivici


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  • Quotes (30)

    • Helen: I'm going to tell Mrs. Clucky I quit.
      Martha: But Helen, you can't just give up after one rehearsal.
      Carolina: Martha's right. ...I can't believe I just agreed with your dog.

    • Martha: (about a passer-by) This guy, we bark at. Woof, woof! Skits: Yap? Martha: Why? No reason, we just do!

    • T.D.: I think Martha's right. Something smells fishy. Martha: I think that's me. I rolled in something earlier. I thought it was mud, but it was really fish!

    • Martha: (dressed as her favorite invention) The doggy door. Allows pets to come and go as they please, and look ma, no hands! The greatest invention since canned meat!

    • Helen: That's Courageous Collie Carlo. Martha: "Courageous" must mean "good-looking". Woo, look at that coat!

    • Martha: Twenty-six slabs of beef on the wall, twenty-six slabs of beef! You take one down, pass it around, twenty-five slabs of beef on the wall! Helen: Martha, do you think you could sing another song? We're kinda tired of that one. Martha: Okay. How about "Ninety-nine loins of pork"?

    • Martha: "Disobedient, imperfect, wild..." That guy doesn't know anything about dogs! Dogs are noble, they're sophisticated, they're... hey, garbage!

    • Martha: Being a firehouse dog has been my lifelong dream, ever since I first heard about it last night!

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    Notes (86)

    • Words described in "Martha Gives Advice": Persuade, defend, encourage, groan, advice, disagree, agree, suggest, offer, plead, sigh, opinion.

    • Words described in "Martha Speaks": Express, discuss, mumble, exclaim, shout, speak, jabber, talk, whisper, communicate.

    • Words described in "Martha Plays a Part": Talent, expert, knack, gift, outstanding, superb, terrific, fantastic, practice, perform, cue, play.

    • Words described in "Martha and Skits": Exceptional, stupendous, unique, specialize, extraordinary, one of a kind, excellent, perfect, super.

    • Martha and Skits is where Skits makes his first appearance.

    • Words described in "Codename: Martha": Suspicious, accomplice, plotting, proof, expression, fishy, partner, planning, and positive.

    • Words described in "Martha Takes The Cake": Innocent, guilty, biased, witness, evidence, judge, jury, trial, prove, true, and truth.

    • Words described in "Martha Camps Out: Honorary, brave, earn, merit badge, frightened, helpful, guard, scared, and afraid.

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    Trivia (4)

    • The missing, last page of Blue Mangoes (the book from previous episode, Ice Scream) was finally found under Truman's bed in Martha the Weather Dog.

    • One of the pictures on Alice's computer is of her costume birthday party, from Martha Takes the Cake.

    • Apparently, the dinosaur bone Martha found in T.D. Gets The Scoop is now in the city's natural history museum.

    • In "Martha and Skits", T.D. says that his dad is allergic to dogs, but in "Martha Makes Scents", O.G. interacts with Martha with no ill effects.

    Allusions (16)

    • "Big Minnie" is a pastiche of the mythical "Bigfoot".

    • The "Courageous Collie Carlo" show is a parody of the old Lassie television series.

    • "The Mutt Murmurer" is a parody of Ceasar Milano, The Dog Whisperer.

    • "The Dog Who Came to Dinner" is a parody of the 1942 comedy film The Man Who Came to Dinner.

    • International Icon, the program that the Lorraines are watching in "Oh, Noooo!" is a parody of the reality talent show American Idol.

    • The title of "Martha's Got Talent" is a parody of the show America's Got Talent.

    • Martha: I thought bears liked picnic baskets. This is a reference to the Hanna-Barbera character Yogi Bear, who often stole picnic baskets.

    • The episode title is a parody of the lyrics of the Elvis Presley song Hound Dog.

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    By JoeyGouvin, Feb 07, 2015

  • Love Martha!!

    By BarrierReef, Apr 22, 2014

  • One of the, if not, worst show I have ever seen.

    By finnysohr, Aug 27, 2013

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    By xxxxxxxxx, Dec 19, 2012

  • This is good

    By TotaldramaROTI, Oct 30, 2012