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  • S 5 : Ep 24

    California, Here We Come (2)

    Aired 5/1/97

  • S 5 : Ep 23

    California, Here We Come (1)

    Aired 5/1/97

  • S 5 : Ep 22

    One Flew over the Hoochie's Nest

    Aired 4/24/97

  • S 5 : Ep 21

    Goin' for Mine

    Aired 4/17/97

  • S 5 : Ep 20


    Aired 4/10/97

  • Cast & Crew
  • Jon Gries

    Shawn (1992-1994)

  • Martin Lawrence

    Martin Payne/Various

  • Garrett Morris


  • Tisha Campbell

    Gina Waters-Payne

  • Tichina Arnold

    Pamela James

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  • show Description
  • Martin is a sassy sitcom centering on a radio-and-television personality named Martin Payne. The series focuses on Martin's romantic relationship with girlfriend Gina Waters, his job changes from a radio personality to a television personality, and the variety of friends Martin hangs out with along the way: the loud-mouthed and sassy Pam James and his best friends Tommy Strong and Cole Brown.Star, Martin Lawrence, also portrays of host of wild characters on the show. His neighbor Sheneneh; his mother Mama Payne; Otis the security guard; Jerome the gold-toothed player; Roscoe the snot-nosed kid who's always looking for a leg up; Bob, the white guy, King-Beef, Elroy, and many more.Martin is the center of attention, as each episode takes you from one hilarious circumstance to another. Hijinks, laughter, quick-witted banter, and lots a love, make this series one to last forever.moreless

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  • Quotes (107)

    • Mama Payne: Lord, it's so hot outside; Mama sweating like a coke bottle at a barbeque.

    • Tommy: But, in there she hurt you bad didn't she? Martin: Only because I told her to.

    • Martin: I don't even know why you still here, step Gina step...Gina, Gina, Gina!!!

    • Jerome: (pointing to a woman's behind) This has got to be jelly, cuz' jam don't shake like that!

    • Martin: How 'bout we call him D.P.? Gina: That's a good idea baby. Where'd you come up with that? Martin: Dead plumber.

    • Plumber: It's gonna cost you. It may cost you a little. It may cost you a lot. But it's gonna cost you!

    • Martin: (telling scary story) It was a dark and stormy November...Bush got re-elected. Everyone: Whomp, whomp, whomp!

    • Martin: Okay, okay y'all got me but now I got something for y'all. Everybody: What's that? Martin: Get Out! Trick or treat your ass on up out of here; let's go.

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    Notes (83)

    • Music: "Forever My Lady" by Jodeci.

    • Music: "Have You Seen Her?" by The Chi-Lites.

    • Thomas Mikal Ford also co-starred with Reid in the movie Class Act.

    • Christopher "Kid" Reid is best known for performing with his long-time friend Christopher "Play" Martin as the rap duo Kid 'N Play. This episode reunites Reid with his former co-stars Martin Lawrence and Tisha Campbell from the movie House Party and its sequel, House Party 2. Campbell and Reid, who dated for a time, later would appear together in the third installment of House Party.

    • Kim Fields played Regine Hunter on Living Single, the series that immediately followed Martin during seasons two, three and five and succeeded it for a portion of the fourth season.

    • Martin admits that he tried to sleep with Sheneneh before he met Gina.

    • It is interesting that Lark Voorhies appears in an episode called Breakup. She was once engaged to Martin Lawrence and he dumped her on national television.

    • Bushwich Bill, who plays Trey, is a member of the Houston-based rap group, the Geto Boys.

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    Trivia (57)

    • Martin's radio topic for this episode was 'Male Sensitivity'.

    • Mama Payne makes her first appearance in this episode.

    • This is the first appearance of Martin's character Jerome.

    • After the plumber awakens, he explains to Martin and the crew that he was not dead, but in fact had fallen into a stupor. A stupor is an unresponsive state from which a person can be aroused only briefly and with vigorous, repeated attempts.

    • This episode marks the first appearance of Martin's character, Bob from accounting.

    • During the party, Gina and Keith sing the duet, "The Closer I Get To You".

    • This episode marks the first appearance of Cole's girlfriend, Big Shirley.

    • Goof: When Martin kicks everybody out for pulling that scary prank, Tommy clearly says goodnight old man Mackerman. His name is actually Ackerman.

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    Allusions (86)

    • This episode is the namesake of the Disney classic.

    • The title is a nod to two sources: *Boyz--the title of the 1991 movie Boyz n the Hood *R Us-- the toy store, Toys R Us

    • This title references the old line 'Dead men tell no tales.'

    • Sheneneh: Hey Kid. Can you kiss me like you kissed that lil' light-skinned girl in House Party? The light-skinned girl that Sheneneh is referring to, is Tisha Campbell, who also plays Gina.

    • This show's title is an allusion to the JODECI hit "Forever My Lady".

    • This episode's title is an allusion to Paul Revere's famous midnight ride. It was alleged that Revere shouted "The British are coming! The British are coming!", to warn the settlers that the British were on there way during The American Revolution.

    • Episode Title: This is a play on the song title "Baby It's Cold Outside".

    • The title refers to any one of at least six films entitled The Great Train Robbery, which were filmed over the last 102 years.

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