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    What happened to Martin Lawrence?

    By gracielove, Nov 09, 2012

    Great writting, cast, everything. LOVED JAMIE FOXX's characters.

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    Top notch jokes!

    By T_VFan, Apr 28, 2012

    If you're looking for a 90's classic, you've come to the right place! This series covers family life, life in a studio, life as a comedian, life as the better neighbor, and the actors give 110% into their role playing. I always laugh with this show... a great pick me up for your day. Highly Recommend Martin and Gina!

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    The funniest show of all time

    By terrenc, Sep 17, 2011

    Martin is my favorite show of all time. I liked all the characters he played likesheneneh, roscoe, jerome, old otis, mama payne, elroy preston, bob, king beef. One of my favorite episodes is the episode where old otis was gina and pams bodyguard after they witnessed a bank robbery. Another one of my favorite episodes is the one when martins cd player was missing and he thought his friends stole it. To me, martin is the funniest show of all time.moreless

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    By RodBradley, Mar 15, 2011

    Really really really luved this show. Still watching the old episodes on MTV2 n TVOne. Would laugh at all the cracks Martin n Pam traded 2 each other. Was watchin 1 of my fav episodes earlier when Martin, Gina, Tommy, n Pam went 2 this resort, n they fought this possum lookin thing, n at the end Pam went, "That thing out-weighed yo little ass." n Martin replied, "I know it was hard 2 fight a family member." I busted out laughing so hard, the neighbors though I was killing sumbody. I also luved the other characters Martin played. Mama Payne, Jerome, Sheneneh. I mostly like the Sheneneh character. She reminded me of this girl that I used 2 went 2 school with. If Martin had a spin-off, Sheneneh should b the main character n call it after 1 of the episode from Season 1 called, "Forever Sheneneh."moreless

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    Never a dull episode with Martin and his friends - along with his vast array of characters. True comedy.

    By AnitaMcDowell, Oct 23, 2009

    Martin puts a lot of effort into the roles he plays but his neighbor Sheneneh is beyond side splitting. His style of grouchy, smart mouthed, wise cracking is so typical of most people and is one reason why it is so funny. I think we can relate to it as if it was a day in our lives. I recorded every episode on VHS back in the day - I am so glad for the DVDs of the series now... Not a week goes by that we are not watching at least one disc and saying ALL the lines right along with the cast. Still just as funny as if we had never seen any of them before!moreless

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    The series focuses on Martin's romantic relationship with girlfriend Gina Waters, his job changes from a radio personality to a television personality, and the variety of friends Martin hangs out with along the way.

    By KAF17, Aug 25, 2009

    My mom use to watch this series everytime it came on television when I was a kid. So, I would watch the show also when it came on and I find it to be very funny. Every week I would watch this show with my mom and I loved it. I was sad when the series ended because I pretty much lived for this series at the time. To those who love Martin Lawrence and/or comedy series then you might want to go on the computer and try to see where you can find it. I am glad I was able to watch this series when I could. Good luck to those who go looking for this series.moreless

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    A funny show.

    By Barksoxs, Jan 12, 2008

    Martin is one of my favorite shows. It was really funny and they had good actors. I liked all the charatacters especially bro man he was my favorite. I liked cole better than tommy but i liked them both. I just started watching this show about two months ago. My favorite eposiode was when Martin was looking for a topic for his show and Gina gave him an idea and he liked it where the first time Gina and Martin met and there are all making lies to make each other look good until Tommy tells the truth that was a good one.moreless

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    This was one of my favorite episodes of Martin it was really funny especially with the special effects, I really enjoyed watching this episode.

    By readmachine, Sep 20, 2007

    In this episode Pam's mentally crazy cousin breaks out of the metal hospital and decides to comes visit Pam, Pam didn't know anything about her being mentally retarded. So when the men that worked there mistakes Pam for Tammy and take her in instead. Pam know's that she doesn't belong in that metal hospital so she has to think of a plan to get out and fast. Meanwhile Tammy is at Pam's house having the time of her life at a party for Pam. Will Martin have to come and save Pam? Watch the episode and see what happens next! It a very exciting and suspense full episode!!moreless

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  • 8.9

    i never laughed so hard as i did every time i watched this twisted classic.

    By xtos04240, Jul 12, 2007

    If comedy is all about laughing, then Martin hit the spot as well as anything.

    Yeah, a lot of it was reworked and cliched. But the guy's funny as hell, and he had a helluva' supporting cast.

    His buddies made him look cool, establishing him as the "star."

    His verbal jousts with Pam brought "the dozens" and other such gems of urban culture to the mainstream. Not for the first time, but made the whole thing palatable.

    And his relationship with Gina was the stuff that the best of sitcom romances are made of.

    The classic sitcom.moreless

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