News Briefs: Cobie Smulders Is Returning to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

By Kaitlin Thomas

Apr 10, 2014


... Now that How I Met Your Mother has signed off for good, Cobie Smulders, who plays now-former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Maria Hill in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, will be reprising her role on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. later this season. Following the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Hill now works for Tony Stark and is looking for new ways to help save the world, while Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) struggles to let go of the organization that was his home for many, many years. [TV Guide]


... Grab the nearest bottle of whiskey, because preliminary Nielsen numbers estimate that the Season 5 finale of Justified (which Tim reviewed here!) brought in 2.37 million viewers last night. That's up five percent from the Season 4 finale, and Season 4 was arguably a much better season. But you'll never find me complaining about more people watching Raylan Givens and Boyd Crowder trade barbs. [Variety]

... Speaking of ratings: Last night's Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (which I reviewed right here!) was mind-blowing and probably the best episode the series has ever produced, but that didn't prevent it from tanking in the ratings. "Turn, Turn, Turn" brought in only 5.4 million total viewers and a 1.9 rating in the 18-49 demographic. That's a series low, folks. If you spin this news in a positive light, however, it looks like my fellow S.H.I.E.L.D. viewers and I are now part of a secret club, and only we know  that SPOILER is a SPOILER. OMG. SPOILER. [TV Line]

... Paramount TV—the television branch of Paramount, in case that wasn't clear—launched last year and is now putting several shows into development, including a series inspired by the novel The Alienist by Caleb Carr, a miniseries about Charles Lindbergh, and projects based on the Terminator franchise and The Truman Show. [The Wrap]

... Lifetime has ordered 10 episodes of Relative Insanity, a new reality competition series from the producers of Big Brother. It pits two families against one another as they compete in various Survivor- and Fear Factor-esque challenges in hopes of winning a $25,000 cash prize. [THR ]

... NBC has released a new trailer for Undateable, which premieres Thursday, May 29 and is from Bill Lawrence. Check it out!

... Nat Geo WILD has ordered a second season of Cesar 911, starring Cesar Millan (a.k.a. the Dog Whisperer). Each week, Millan travels to a new neighborhood where a dog is a regular menace and works his magic until he's able to restore balance. He's an everyday hero, that Cesar. [Nat Geo via press release]

... If there's an episode of The Simpsons that you missed at some point during the last couple of decades and still want to watch, have no fear, because FXX is here... with a 12-day marathon of all 552 installments of the Fox comedy. Beginning August 21 and running through Labor Day, you'll be able to watch Homer consume roughly 7,000 doughnuts. [EW]


... Trophy Wife star Bradley Whitford will guest-star on the May 7 episode of Law & Order: SVU. He'll play Frank Maddox, a TV producer accused of molesting his 8-year-old daughter—which, frankly, is something the man who gifted us Josh Lyman would never do. Why does Law & Order insist on tainting everyone I love by painting them as rapists and murderers? [TV Line]

... Michael Gross, who played Steven Keaton on Family Ties, will recur as Walter Gillis, the founder of a DVD distribution company, in the fourth season of USA's Suits. [The Wrap]

... Tessa Ferrer (Grey's Anatomy) has joined the Halle Berry-fronted Extant in the recurring role of Katie Sparks, an over-achieving astronaut. Still no word on who will play Berry's unborn alien baby, though! [Deadline]


... James Hellwig, better known to WWE fans as the legendary wrestler the Ultimate Warrior, passed away Tuesday. He was 54. Hellwig was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame over the weekend, and even made an appearance WWE’s “Monday Night Raw” on April 7; his cause of death is not yet known. [Variety]


... Ken Forsse, the man who created the popular-in-the-'80s Teddy Ruxpin doll, as well as the animated TV series The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpinpassed away on March 19 at his home in Laguna Woods, California. His obituary is a must-read. [NY Times]

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  • tobeyrayburn Apr 16, 2014

    So....judging from the comments, I guess I AM the only one who thinks Cobie Smulders is completely over-rated. Didn't like her character or acting in HIMYM and so far her acting in the Marvel movies is stiff as well.

  • WavSlave Apr 10, 2014

    Man, many of those old Simpsons eps (say from maybe S3 through S9-10 or so) was some of the best TV ever, animated or not. Deep Space Homer, Homer the Heretic, Homer at the Bat, You Only Move Twice, etc. I wonder if they'll air The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson, which I've heard pretty much never airs since the 9/11 attacks given that it features the twin towers.

    For unknown reasons, the locally syndicated versions rarely show anything older than 3-5 years, so FXX running ALL of them is great news indeed.

  • Mate Apr 10, 2014

    Smulders is awesome. Hopefully she can take over for Pepper, or replace her, or kill her, something.

    The ratings for SHIELD I am not too worried about. They have already been picked up for season two. And I think a re-airing say on ABC family could grab a few more permanent viewers. Plus it is on a bad day. It is going up against the rating juggernaut that is NCIS and I am not sure where a good place for it would be. Also I think with the new reveals of the show and the movies that it will become a better show. So that might get more ratings.

  • 2muchbadTV Apr 17, 2014

    I think SHIELD ratings probably should have been expected. I chose not to watch that episode of SHIELD because I did not see Captain America on its opening weekend and I didn't want spoilers and to watch things out of order that they were intended. I doubt I'm alone. And as many people as saw CA2 on opening weekend, most people will see it a little later and then be going to the DVR as I did, or Hulu, or whatever.

  • KeyserSoze Apr 10, 2014

    When a show has a great episode after a series of so-and-so episodes, then you have to look for the ratings of the following episodes
    SHIELDS low ratings are due to previous episodes not being that good. Whether there is a shift in the balance due to a good episode, we'll see in the episodes to come

  • terminaltrip421 Apr 10, 2014

    where were the spoiler tags when they were actually needed in the first paragraph? or did you just assume everyone who reads the article will have seen the winter soldier? based on the show's ever falling ratings you should assume a fair amount of people aren't watching agents of shield. you've single-handedly spoiled countless fracking things now so apparently you'll never effing learn?! WTF

  • Geek_Queen Apr 10, 2014

    Maybe if Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. aired on a different night that would help its ratings improve somewhat? Tuesdays at 8 pm are usually reserved for NCIS in my house, so I have to catch MAoS online. Sadly, ABC's website is set up where you have to wait over a week to watch their shows online if you can't use their "verify to watch" thing (can't remember what it's called). Some people may be getting fed up that they can't keep as up-to-date with the series as they'd like.

  • turnbilljohn Apr 10, 2014

    i think no one watched agents of shield because it was tied to cap 2 and not everyone has seen it yet and the show just isn't that good.

  • Writerpatrick Apr 10, 2014

    The ratings for SHIELD are suggesting that it won't get renewed.

    I thought Teddy Ruxpin was facinating when it came out but I didn't want one because I was too old for it. I also seem to recall it being one of the more expensive toys. It was the predecessor of toys like Tickle Me Elmo.

  • atuladitya25 Apr 10, 2014

    Yeah Cobie, still I don't know why I end up calling her Agent Robin sometimes, maybe it's the blue costume she's wearing!

  • Darkcanuck65 Apr 10, 2014

    My favourite part of this article is how in the first sentence it is said that Maria Hill is a former agent of S.H.E.I.L.D. (a spoiler from the new Captain America movie I assume) and then in the section about Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D.'s ratings you go on about keeping a spoiler under wraps. You should hire a proof reader or at the very least get medication for your split personality disorder.

  • WavSlave Apr 10, 2014

    What's S.H.E.I.L.D.? Is it similar to S.H.I.E.L.D.?

  • Darkcanuck65 Apr 10, 2014

    oops, my bad, that "i" before "e" thing always messes me up, perhaps I need a proof reader

  • thekaitling Apr 10, 2014

    Offense. That's rude.

  • thekaitling Apr 10, 2014

    Also, the ratings blurb was witten that way intentionally as a joke. It's not because I don't have an editor or because I have a split personality disorder. And furthermore, the news that Cobie is working for Tony Stark is the LAST thing you should worry about regarding Captain America and whatever spoilers there are.

  • tv_reporter Apr 11, 2014

    So basically you threw out a spoiler and instead of saying 'Crap, sorry, I didn't even think, my apologies', you crack it at someone for saying so and then add there are way more other things that are impacted from the Winter Soldier?

    Not all of us have seen it yet. In fact, its only been out for a week in Australia and due to other commitments I haven't been able to see it. I was kinda ticked at the spoiler (and I don't care if its not a massive one) being the first sentence. However a simple apology would have been fine. Instead we get snarky comments and now I'm even more pissed because I now know that there are even more changes that happen due to the movie.

    So thanks for that. And thanks for being an ass about it, instead of owning a small mistake and apologizing.

  • Darkcanuck65 Apr 10, 2014

    That may be so but it is the spoiling of something that I assume happens in CA 2, haven't seen it yet so i don't know for sure. Apologies if i offended with my proof reader/split personality joke

  • terminaltrip421 Apr 10, 2014

    way to own up. it's not like you've been called out on spoiling things before or anything.

  • davidholt10 Apr 10, 2014

    I'm not sure the revelation that Maria Hill is now working for Tony Stark instead of SHIELD spoils anything major. There are a load of reasons that she could have decided to work for Stark.

  • terminaltrip421 Apr 12, 2014

    spoilers are spoilers "major" or not.

  • davidholt10 Apr 14, 2014

    "Cobie Smulders Is Returning to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." is a spoiler. This is a spoiler article! I'm not sure what you expected to find when you followed the link.

  • terminaltrip421 Apr 15, 2014

    too dumb a post to deserve a retort.

  • davidholt10 Apr 14, 2014

    This comment has been removed.

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