How did Coulson live?

By Nerdnot

Jul 04, 2013

Anyone want to make any guesses?

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  • stevei Sep 25, 2013

    I vote clone or android, but also possibly a superhero that had their mind wiped and reprogrammed.

  • joshuahkusner Sep 25, 2013

    No one throwing out clone made by Jackal, Dark Beast or Mr. Sinister? Or maybe he's a Deathlok, merged with Darkhawks amulet, bonded to a spawn of the Venom symbiote, underwent the Department K's Deadpool treatments, or just accidentally stuck himself with one of the thousands of resurrection devices that seem to be laying around that universe.

    That's why I love comic books. Anything can happen!
    I hope we see some cameos by some of the "non big" names, New-Warriors (c'mon Speedball), Defenders, the Great Lake Avengers (Squirrel Girl FTW), etc.

  • lynna12000 Sep 25, 2013

    The two most likely suspects for Coulson's survival are variations of Extremis or Erskine's Super Soldier Serum. LMD's are too easy to detect if you know what to look for. And Coulson WOULD know.

  • selflicky Sep 20, 2013

    I think maybe, Phil used that "Life Model Decoy" Stark had been joking with him about, but then of course, Tony would have to know about it, unless Director Fury also had that technology available.

  • AmyTeves Sep 08, 2013

    Resurrection in TV and comic books happen all of the time. Look at Green Arrow. Its' make-believe, not real life. They just call it a parallel universe right!

  • ltngrcr9051 Sep 06, 2013

    My theory was/is that Agent Phil Coulson 'died' in "The Avengers" in the same way that Lieutenant Jim Gordon 'died' in "The Dark Knight", except that Phil stayed 'dead' for the rest of the movie.

  • bluecatcinema Sep 05, 2013

    Maybe it was a Life Model Decoy Loki killed.

  • NickyDierx Aug 24, 2013

    I heard a theory once that they were going to use Agent Coulson as the basis for 'The Vision' which would make sense if they were going the android route in this, as The Vision was a superpowered android with the consciousness and (minor) cyborg-like combined body of a human man that died. He was very similar to Robocop in that respect. I don't recall where I heard the theory but I do remember it being very well plotted out in terms of how they would slot in all the creation elements to Coulson's backstory that would make it possible.
    Since The Vision is one of the more high profile members of The Avengers team, adding him to the universe is a no brainer and making the character one we all know and love is a great option!

  • jaycarterfl Aug 03, 2013

    oooooooo ok its the marvel Universe that tell you that somewhere in the world wolverine lives can you say blood transfusion and lol on top of that I do know that wolverine was in the avengers from time to time like spider-man right so you think

  • ionee24 Jul 31, 2013

    All I know is that "he can never know", which means its got to be interesting!

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