How Involved Do You Think Joss Whedon Will Really Be?

By Patrick Sullivan

Jun 24, 2013

At Bleeding Cool, he said:

"I’ll be as hands on [with Agents of SHIELD] as I can. I’ve stocked it with writers that I know and respect and trust because, obviously, I have this other film that I have to make. It’s going to be on a case by case but I’ll be in every story, every cut and all of that stuff."

With Avengers sequels and Guardians of the Galaxy still ahead of us, clearly Joss is going to be pressed for time. Do you think it matters?

Poll: Does Joss Whedon's Schedule Make You Nervous About Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D?

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  • kanak1309 Jan 23, 2014

    Till now the show has gone really well. Skye's parents' mystery solved. Coulson's after death mystery solved. What remains to be solved are major stuff like where do they go from here and other stuff? And I am sure, that would be very interesting to watch. Moreover, what really matters to me is giving equal attention to each character and their individual stories, which amazingly has been done. I'm happy. Hope the ABC is happy and keeps the showing going on for seasons after seasons.

  • morganlee1409 Dec 20, 2013

    It's going to be really interesting to see how Agents of Shield turns out after this first season. At ten episodes in, you can quite clearly see that Joss is no where near as involved in the writing side of things as he has been with his other shows, which, I think is quite a good thing - as a long time Whedon fan, I'm still having trouble pegging where this show is going to go and what to expect from it. The only thing I could fault the show on is that it is slightly directionless. Usually by now, you would have a clear idea of which story line is going to lead the show through the first season, or at least which was going to take first priority but we're up to episode ten now and you still can't really say for certain whether it's the Coulson died arc or the Skyes parents one that will make up the last half of the season, theres been pretty much an equal amount of attention paid to both arcs so neither is really taking a clear lead... Although, in saying that, the episode going into the New Year is titled "The Magical Place" so, naturally, one assumes they are going to shed a little more light on how AC survived. It's also bugging me that they haven't established which character pairing they are going to lead with. The Fitzsimmons pairing has been giving the most attention but if you were to say which could lend better to the storyline, I would say whatever they've been playing with between Skye & Ward would be the way to go, especially considering Joss is notorious for destroying his characters relationships, Fitzsimmons, should they get them together, would be like a much needed ice pack to sooth whatever emotional damage they could to with Skye & Ward. Overall I'm super happy with the show, it's easy to watch over again and they've got a pretty good cast. My only hope is that Marvel has enough pull to stop Whedon from killing off half the cast before the second season. It's nice that he isn't afraid to sacrifice characters for the good of the show but considering the size of his fictional death toll, I think he is just slightly homicidal.

  • Igarka Jul 07, 2013

    He is very pruductive, so I think he will put in enough time. After all the man shot a full length movie on his vacation.

  • CaitlinRice Jun 28, 2013

    Joss has always been very particular with who he hires. He won't hire anyone he doesn't trust in the day-to-day operations. He will definitely be very involved in the beginning making sure things are running smoothly, but he'll probably back off a little after that. But he will still be involved heavily creatively and in the plot development. And he'll come in and write/direct the episodes he feels he needs to like he did for Buffy and Angel.

  • sluu3p18 Jun 28, 2013

    He doesn't need to write every episode, just the two-part season finale and maybe one or two eps in the middle. And as long as the overall direction of the show is his (to be consistent with the movies coming out), I'd be happy with that.

  • Nerdnot Jun 27, 2013

    I say for the first season he will be really involved, but after that it will drop considerably.

  • NathanLabont Jun 26, 2013

    Not too involved. He did the Avengers, but he's not the creator of the Marvel universe.

  • Nickylucas Sep 06, 2013

    Well he did bring the Marvel Universe to billion-dollar status.