Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman

Episode 022

Season 1, Ep 22, Aired 2/4/76
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  • Episode Description
  • Mary and Dennis kiss again. Mary asks for the time. Dennis tells her it's 6:30 PM. Mary nervously says she has to go. Mary goes to the door, and they start talking at the door. Mary gives Dennis a farewell kiss. Mary goes into the hallway of the apartment building. She tells Dennis he can have her groceries. Mary leaves. Dennis holds Mary's shoe in his hand--Mary forgot it in his apartment! Later, Mary enters the Hartman house. Mary walks into the house, limping because she only has one shoe on. She realizes she didn't make dinner. Tom enters. He asks where she's been. She tells him that she was out. Tom asks where her other shoe is. Mary tells him that she lost it. Tom asks where her groceries are. Mary tells him she lost them. Mary tells him that she thinks she might've eaten the groceries. Mary tells Tom that it's not his business where she was this afternoon. Tom asks Mary if she was with another man. Tom tells Mary that her actions are making him suffer. Mary tells Tom that she's sorry for making him suffer. Tom says he feels terrible. Mary tells him that she's glad that he feels terrible and then appologizes. Mary says that Tom's face is all red and blotchy. Mary starts laughing because it's sad. Tom continues to think that Mary was with another man. Tom says it's different for when a man cheats and that women shouldn't cheat on their husbands. Mary tells him that she feels very guilty and falls to the floor. She asks him to open a can of Spagettios. Tom asks again where she was. Mary tells him that all she wants is for Heather and him to have a good dinner. Mary tells him that she didn't do anything. Tom asks Mary who has her shoe. Mary promises Tom that her shoes are safe--they're with her groceries. The next morning, Tom sits down at the table eating. Mary cleans the table while reading a magazine. Tom tells Mary that he's been thinking. Mary tells him she doesn't wanna hear it. Tom tells Mary that Heather has been asking questions. Loretta and Charlie enter. They say that they're all ready for Nashville. Mary has forgotten that they're leaving and hugs them. Loretta says she's gonna miss Mary. Loretta says they'll always remember Mary. Tom wishs Charlie luck. Charlie asks if everything's OK. Mary and Tom tell them everything is going well. Loretta and Charlie start to leave when Martha and George enter. George asks Charlie if they're really leaving. Martha says she's going to miss them. Loretta appologizes to Tom for being mean to him. Loretta and Mary hug again. Tom and Loretta leave for the car. Martha tells Tom and Mary that Grandpa Larkin is missing. Tom says he's probably with Roberta. Martha tells Mary that Grandpa Larkin has to come to court today or else she'll get to court. George and Tom leave for work. Martha leaves to go home. Later, Loretta and Charlie are on the edge of the road. Charlie is under the car. The raditor broke down. Loretta asks Charlie if it can be fixed. Charlie says he doesn't think it can be fixed on their own. Two hillbillies enter the area. Charlie asks them if they can help. Loretta says she likes their names. One of them grabs Loretta and the other points a gun at Charlie. Loretta asks what they want. One of them says he wonders what she looks like barefoot. Charlie stares at him.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Martin Mull

    Garth Gimble (1976)/Barth Gimble (1977)

  • Louise Lasser

    Mary Hartman

  • Dabney Coleman

    Merle Jeeter (1976-1977)

  • Graham Jarvis

    Charlie Haggers

  • Doris Roberts

    Dorelda Doremus

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