Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman

Episode 024

Season 1, Ep 24, Aired 2/6/76
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  • Episode Description
  • Mary sits in bed, talking to herself. She's thinking of what to say to Tom. Tom enters. He appologizes for being late. Mary asks why Tom hasn't made love to her in the last eight weeks. Mary asks if he isn't in the mood or if he finds her repulsive. Mary tells Tom she loves him. Meanwhile, Loretta and Charlie drive in their car. Charlie asks Loretta if she wants to stop. She says no--she wants to make up for the time they lost. Charlie asks Loretta if he really is going to give the hillbillies' song to the people at Nashville. Loretta says yes because she promised him. Loretta starts singing a song about their situation with the hillbillies. Charlies asks if Loretta wants to sleep. Loretta tells him he doesn't want to. Charlie asks again but this time she falls asleep. The Haggers car is in a collision. That morning, in the road, news cameras surround the area. A police car is also at the area. Clete Mizenheimer is at the scene with the news camera. Clete reports that he is on Highway Four, which is around 30 miles from Fernwood. He goes near a yellow car that is overturned. It is the Haggers car. Clete reports that the accident happened between a car driven by Charles Haggers and a station wagon full of nuns. Clete reports that the police has confirmed that Sister Bernadette, the drive of the vehicle, was not under the influence of alcohol. Clete goes near the station wagon. The bodies of many nuns litter the area while the police talk to the only survivor, Sister Bernadette. Clete reports that 4 bottles of wine were found in the car but were used for sacramental purposes only. Clete says that no charges will be brought against Charlie and Loretta. Clete reports that Loretta has undetermined injuries. At the edge of the road, Charlie sits with Loretta in his lag. Charlie cries. Meanwhile, Lt. Trask asks Sister Bernadette for the names of the nuns in the vehicle. She identifies the body by what type of shoes they were wearing. Sister Teresa has orphopedic shoes, and Sister Veronica has metal taps on her heels. Sister Veronica had been teaching tap dancing to the black children in the ghetto. Sister Veronica had originally planned to be a vaudeville star before she took her vow as a nun. Lt. Trask asks her to just skip the stories and the shoes and just list the nuns. Sister Bernadette tells them that Sister Margeret, Sister Angelica, Sister Florence, Sister Bridget, and Sister Catherine. Sister Bernadette remembers that Sister Florence wasn't with them..Mother Superior was displeased with her because she broke her vow of silence on a tennis court. Sister Bernadette swears that she was not at fault. Meanwhile, Charlie pleads for Loetta to speak to him. Loretta awakens. Charlie tells her what happened. Loretta asks if hitting a busload of nuns is a sin. Charlie says since they're not Catholic it's not. Charlie asks if she's in pain. Loretta says she doesn't feel anything..she's just kinda numb all over. Loretta passes out. Charlie shouts for help. An ambulence arrives. Meanwhile, at the Hartman residence, Mary sits on the bed with Tom. Mary tells Tom that she doesn't think Tom likes it. Mary says he doesn't show it. Tom says going to bed isn't the only way to show love. Mary asks that if she loves him, why is she making him go through a living hell? Tom says Mary doesn't love him. Tom says Mary is too agressive. Mary stands up on her bed and starts screeching at Tom. Tom says she's acting weird..her eyes are bulging out like a bug, her arms waving, and her voice is screeching. Who the hell wants to make love to THAT? Mary is upset because he called her a THAT. Tom says he doesn't want to make love to a woman because he has to. Mary tells Tom their marriage is over. She's gone through way to much humiliation and rejection. Tom and Mary start crying. Tom gets up on the bed and kisses Mary passionatly. He tells her he loves her so much.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Martin Mull

    Garth Gimble (1976)/Barth Gimble (1977)

  • Louise Lasser

    Mary Hartman

  • Dabney Coleman

    Merle Jeeter (1976-1977)

  • Graham Jarvis

    Charlie Haggers

  • Doris Roberts

    Dorelda Doremus

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