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    * attempts to hold laughter in *

    By blackwolf_13, Jan 02, 2007

    Ha haha hahaha hahaha haahaa ! What were they thinking! Ha hahaha ! What an incredibly stupid idea! OMG! My guts are spilling out at laughing at houw ridiculous this idea was. " Hey Ashley! " " Yeah Mary-Kate! " " Now that we have our own make-up company, what do you want to do now !?! " "I know! Let's save the world " "Okay!" OMG! I can't stop laughing... Oh man, I've laughed so hard I'm at the point where I'm crying... man, I need to take a breather...moreless

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    By aisalain, Nov 24, 2005

    i loi love this show ve this showi love this show i li li love this show ove this show ove this show i lovei li love this show ove this show this show i love ti love this show his show i love this show i lovei love this show this show i love this show

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    Fun and Cool!

    By oclver912, Aug 15, 2005

    Mary-Kate and Ashley are at it again! In this action packed adventure. Ashley/Amber and Mary-Kate/Misty are secret agents, and they have missions to save the world again! There dog Quincey is funny! Quincey is actully a robot. All of Mary Kate and Ashley's TV series, are really great, and this one is probably my least favorite, but it still is pretty good!

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